Huge upgrade for Michell GyroDec


Mar 21, 2012
County Durham
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Hi fellow vinylists,

                               I've got to share the awsome upgrades I've had for not a lot of money.

The first was Pete's pylons which are machined Delrin posts that use high quality rubber O' rings in place of the metal springs the platter rests on. The improvements aren't subtle, seperation, stereo width and height, bass is so much tighter and deeper, mids just hang in the air and the treble is sweet as. Very easy to fit and the improvements are instant, no run in etc.

Then comes his arm board platter, brass inserts in an acrylic board. All the improvements of the pylons, only greater improvements, a huge jump in performance. Again a piece of cake to fit and it looks good too, if that matters to you. 

I'm not being paid by Pete to write this as I only found out about these upgrades through a friend. If you own a GyroDec, I cannot emphasize the size of the improvements to an already brilliant deck.

You can contact Pete by PM to gwernaffield, he's a lovely bloke to deal with as well and I wish him all best for the future.




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