Noisy Meridian 203 DAC

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Apr 2, 2010
Near Portsmouth
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There are many ways of wasting time on this hobby and I found another one yesterday.

Whilst re-arranging my setup a month or so whilst moving my Meridian DAC I heard a rattle from within.  I had visions of a loose washer or similar rattling about, so, I put the DAC to one side for further investigation.

Yesterday I took it apart to try and determine what was causing the noise.

Nothing showed itself to be lying loose inside which was good.

Then I discovered that one of the two clips, which hold the extruded body halves together, was loose and moved around when partially assembled.  So, reassured that there was nothing lying loose inside that would cause havoc I reassembled the DAC, having decided I could live with that being the cause of the noise.

Only when completely re-assembled did I realise the noise was coming from the other end of the unit!  Doh!  So, opened up the DAC again, but still nothing obvious.

Then on closer listening I deduced it was coming from the fuse holder on the rear - the spare fuse was rattling!  I have removed both fuses and the DAC is now quiet as a mouse. (Not really)

So, what wild goose chases have you had as a result of this hobby?

Also, thought this might take your minds of some other DAC thread.




Jan 28, 2010
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Worst thing ever for me was the vocal pull pro the left side. Had outboard crossovers.

tried virtually everything to remedy it to no avail. 

turned out to be the +- wrongly terminated from Sevenoaks on the bi wires. 😡😡😡😡