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Now sold PMC LB1 Signatures

Mike Milne

Feb 20, 2020
Mike Milne
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For sale 

My PMC LB1 Signatures , please note these are not the normal LB1 Classic. These are the Signatures of which there were 200 pairs made. These have the Dynaudio mid/bass unit. You can Google the difference between these and the Classics, these are the better speakers with individually matched drive units etc. These are numbers 71/72.  These are big stand mounts and I will throw in a pair of Atacama stands to get you going. Please note the speakers do require a powerful transistor or hybrid  amp I only came by them because a previous trial by a Naim Nait owner proved  unsatisfactory - not surprising really!!!  . These speakers were often paired with big Bryston amps.  I had my Croft Series 7 upgraded by Glenn to 100 WPC to help drive them but never thought it was a fantastically synergistic match but better than my PMC GB1s by some considerable margin  Took some advice on the forum re pricing as speakers are so rare and the range mentioned was £600 - £1000 .  So £650 seems reasonable. These ones are in really nice condition . Have original PMC links although my own hand made jobs are shown in the picture. Covers are fine although I never used them  Happy to demo with my Crofts or bring your own amp .  I am a genuine seller see my 100%  Bay feedback ( ecitteam) . Speakers are located in Worcester no boxes so really want collection . They are heavy beasts and would cost a lot to courier.  IMG_20210526_204313_compress97.jpg

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