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Secret Gig With Embrace - This Got Messy!

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Sep 24, 2012
Millow, Beds
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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been to countless gigs over the last 30 years but I can honestly say that I have never been to anything remotely close to last nights Embrace concert so I thought I would share a few pictures as it was such a fun night.

I have been an Embrace fan since their first album back in 1998 and have been to many of their gigs, they are always great nights out as their is just so much passion for their music with the fans so when I got an e-mail through a couple of weeks ago for an invite to a secret Embrace gig in Halifax somewhere entitled ‘An Unholy Christmas’ I couldn’t resist and snapped up a couple of tickets for Wendy and myself, even though it came with the following warning -

'This is going to be unlike anything we have ever done before, and for your own safety the ticket price includes goggles, face mask and protective clothing. You must wear your protective clothing at all times whilst in THE ROOM. We expect that it will get messy so please wear old clothes and footwear to the event… (interpret this as you will).'

What an earth was going to happen? this just added to the intrigue and sounded like too good an opportunity to miss so here is a photo diary of the events of last nights amazing gig :)

First we were told to meet up at a boxing club in Halifax with glow sticks, red lights and a picture of someone we used to be obsessed with.

All looks a bit eerie, particularly being a wet and windy evening.

Even though no one knew what to expect the crowds quickly grew.

Once inside we were given our protective gear.

Here is one of the obsessive picture walls, can anyone guess what mine and Wendy’s pictures were?

Once in the room we can see that the band are set up in a boxing ring.

Then you realize that the whole room is covered in plastic, much like a kill room from the tv series Dexter.

Wendy chilling before the chaos.

Dressed and ready for action.

Me too, Glow sticks at the ready.

The Band come on, nothing out of the ordinary so far other than everyone looking dressed like scientists.

First we are given to nod to get the glow sticks glowing.

Then we are given cups of a dry powdered paint substance and told to throw it everywhere, so much fun :)

30 seconds later, the aftermath.

Then the gig continues.

A few songs later we do it all again.

Then it is all over, everyone looks like they have just walked from some disaster movie, all grinning like children though.

Danny and Richard from the band didn’t escape the carnage but seemed to love it and then went on to perform an awesome DJ set with all genres of music covered, it’s been a long time since I have danced that much.

What a night!

I’m sure Embrace won’t see this but I’d like to thank them for an amazing night that I will never forget and wish them all the best with their new album, it should be a huge success as the new songs are amazing, normally it takes me a little while to get into new tracks but these instantly grabbed me, probably helped by the fact that they use PMC IB2’s speakers in their studio :) These guys really do deserve to be big stars as their music is great and their gigs are some of the best I have ever been to.

One thing I learnt from last night was that everyone should take glow sticks to gigs, it really did add to the atmosphere, maybe I’ll try it at my next Bruce gig :)





Jun 19, 2009
Great write up Paul, I've been to some messy gigs but nothing like this .............

I'm guessing James Dean and Orville The Duck ??


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