SOLD: Astell&Kern Ultima SP1000 - Stainless Steel with Extras

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Oct 8, 2011
HiFi Trade?
  1. Yes
Selling my stainless steel Astell&Kern Ultima SP1000 that is in mint condition with all included accessories plus:

- Dignis Patina Brown leather case that is also like new (including the Dignis packaging).

- 256GB Samsung Evo SD micro card (contains some hi-res music).

The SP1000 has screen protectors front and back (few bubbles) and still has the original protective film applied around edges. The A&K leather case has never been used.

I purchased brand new in 2018 but have barely used, as is evidenced by the mint condition.

Battery life is excellent, as per original specification.

1 - package with dignis.jpg

2 - naked front.jpg

3 - naked back.jpg

8 - powered front.jpg

4 - top.jpg

5 - naked bottom.jpg

6 - L Side.jpg

7 - R Side.jpg

9 - dignis complete.jpg

10 - dignis back.jpg

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