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Mar 17, 2021
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This is the AG ENO streaming filter, still under warranty (about 6 months left) - £450 including recorded delivery in the UK.

These retail for £690 inc VAT and are current products. It's also racked up a fair few magazine and reviewer awards in 2021. Even if you're running a really solid audiophile switch next to your digital front end this appears to remove that last leg of noise from your switch and seems to make a lot of difference on digital front ends. It did for me - I did a 30 day trial from Network Acoustics and it stayed. I could not imagine taking it out again.

There's a ton of reviews for these here, including respected independent reviewers (i.e. not website blurb):

I'm selling only as my new audiophile switch (Edison Extreme) and the Auralic Aries G2.1 struggle with network handshakes with 100 Bit/sec cable/streaming filter designs (which appear preferred to Gigabit designs to reduce audio noise by designers such as NA). It's a weird Venn diagram that basically seems to relate to a curious interaction between the Edison switch implementation and the Auralic at the end of the day. I replicated the issue with another top end cable (Tellurium Q silver Diamond) so this is not a NA filter issue. Otherwise I have no reason to part with this - it was touch and go whether I send back the Edison switch, but it's from Hong Kong and frankly its much more of a hassle with customs and courier costs.

I also have the slipcase and box (not pictured) - so essentially everything you'd get as with the brand new one.


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