Speakers for Class A valve amp

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Dec 2, 2006
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The OP shouldn't give up on Avantgarde quite yet. A couple of years ago I found a pair of 2006 AG Duos advertised for just £2200. That sort of bargain is rare and I spotted it minutes after its listing and bought them next day. I was specifically looking for Duos and set up alerts when new ads were posted. I suggested Unos as they are less costly and not a lot short of Duos in sound quality - comparing earlier generation with 2 separate horn tubes.
Rare? More like 'one in a million' I'd say. I spent about a year looking for AGs a while back. The cheapest I ever found was a pair of Duos in Germany for around £4k, which sold in hours. I'd actually phoned the guy to ask if he'd hold them for a small deposit while I sorted out getting there in a large enough car, but they'd already gone.

If you find a pair for £2k and they're legit, then that's serious bargain territory. The point though is that if you wait for that sort of deal, you may have a very, very long wait indeed.

In the meantime, you'd not go far wrong with the Snells in the classifieds for £500. Preferably before I make the pointless decision to end up with even more stuff that I don't need :ROFLMAO:
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Apr 9, 2013
Portsmouth, UK
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If you find a pair for £2k and they're legit, then that's serious bargain territory. The point though is that if you wait for that sort of deal, you may have a very, very long wait indeed.
Yes, I was very very lucky and they are legit and in excellent condition - £2.2K. I didn't mind waiting as I was already using Unos, with no rush to upgrade to Duos. Once I decided my planned change to Martin Logan 13As was a bad move, I started my Duo search and this pair fell out of nowhere in quick time. And only a 115 mile drive to collect.


Oct 31, 2012
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Apologies for delay in acknowledging/replying to all the very helpful and detailed responses. Have been reading them and trying to digest. Some of which make me realise not only that I should have tried harder at school but also that I picked the wrong subjects. Don’t fully understand the techie replies but they are still useful in painting a picture, eg:
- different behaviour of ss vs tube amp when different impedance speakers used.
- falling speaker sensitivity at low frequencies often being cause of valve amps having loose bass.

All worth knowing.

Trying to respond more broadly:..

Re Room size/current speakers
Have been using the Rega R3s in new house as that's all I have (with the 8 ohm taps - there are no others). I don't generally listen at seriously high levels although they will 'go loud' but too easily. Cannot really consider going above say 20% of the unmarked volume control - is that due to going from 8 to 6 ohms maybe? Interesting point though about how they get there...not so listenable at much higher volumes but I'd put that down to room size/characteristices, duff ears or of course the music being played.

Re horns
Am not really sure tbh. My only real experience is from playing in the brass band at school. I imagine they are highly directional which makes me wonder how it would sound for passive listeners. I didn't realise until seeing these replies that the Odeon Rigolettos have horns in them...was intrigued by the look of that top 'speaker' when I saw the advert and was drawn to them but didn't get anywhere then. I think almost certainly that the bigger horns I have seen would be a no-no in this house, irrespective of SQ.

Re new/old
Was thinking if I went new I'd go up to c.£2k. Quite happy though looking at used provided vgc etc. As mentioned Odeons caught my eye along with Heco Einklangs that were for sale recently but I was too slow there. Since seen unfavourable [Einklangs] reviews/comments but nonetheless am still prepared to have a go should some surface. Was suggesting new mainly as hard to find WAF etc pieces, i.e. colours/aesthetics plus they'd be in perfect condition. Heco I know a bit funky but was prepared to take a punt there.

Re diy
Sounds like a nice idea but I have enough jobs around here already. Unlikely therefore that it would happen.

Re Specific models/types
Zu no longer avalable in UK. They sell direct now within US regions only - new ones look epic :( although $$$$ too.
'Big ass' Eltax look great. Could end up being my ass though... Maybe I should be brave enough to try these out with the OGF
Big 'horned' would be a no-no. Smaller ones? maybe but no familiarity really.
Snell Type Ks - Hmmm? stand mounted. Not sure. Think I'd prefer floorstanders.

Still need to look at the various links.

Many thanks all
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Mar 5, 2022
HiFi Trade?
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KLH Kendall have a high sensitivity. They have had a fairly hefty price increase recently but well within 2K budget.


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Aug 9, 2018
London UK
HiFi Trade?
  1. Yes
If it's not to much to ask. Add £500 and get a pair of KLH Model 5s. Best of both worlds.... Floorstanders/ speed of bookshelf speaker.
Read the reviews then get demo a pair. ✌️