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Thankyou Burning Shed


Mar 1, 2011
Like many others around these parts I've spent a lifetime buying music and on the odd occasion I've suffered at the hands of unscrupulous dealers and had poor service from businesses that should know better. So when something good happens it's right to redress the balance.

I ordered three Bill Bruford vinyl albums from Burning Shed last week. I already owned a couple of the originals but these remasters were prepared by Bruford and form part of his 'Winterland' project to remaster all of his pre-1987 material. The records are pressed on heavy vinyl and are apparently released through Voiceprint. What swung it for me was the price - £10 each. Originally I was going to buy the missing 'Feels Good To Me' but later that night I thought WTF and ordered the other two studio albums.

The albums 'One Of A Kind' and 'Gradually Going Tornado' arrived on Wednesday, both records factory sealed, the covers looked identical to the originals except for the remastering credits and the 'Winterland' record label instead of the original EG. The remaining album 'Feels Good To Me' arrived on Thursday, this time it wasn't sealed, instead it was in a loose poly sleeve. I was busy pottering about at the time and didn't look at it in any detail until I decided to play it late afternoon. Taking the record from the loose sleeve I noticed it was signed 'Best Wishes Bill Bruford' . I was a little bemused by this and emailed Burning Shed to ask if it was genuine. I was asked to send a picture of the signature and this morning received this reply ...

It was BB in his kitchen with a sharpie marker!
Turns out (when I checked his "signed" inventory this morning) that we were sent 3 signed copies and decided not to list them separately, just to send them to lucky people.
Is that ok?
In all of the years I've been buying music I've never been given such a gift - passed on purely as a random thankyou from performer to distributor to end of line customer. Most dealers, shops or online stores would try to make a few bucks but Burning Shed didn't ... and I got lucky.

So, a very public thankyou to Burning Shed for a supreme act of generosity


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