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Sep 21, 2018
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Here's an interesting double CD album for all the Saint-Saëns fans here (though given the lack of responses in this thread, that group might consist of Klassik and Klassik alone :whistle: ). It's an album of Saint-Saëns chamber music for winds by the soloists of the Orchestre de Paris. Probably the best known works on the album are the three sonatas for clarinet, oboe, and bassoon. These were written right at the end of Saint-Saëns' life. In fact, he had more sonatas for winds planned, but his death got in the way of that. Anyway, these are short works which have some elements of the neo-classicism that was becoming stylistically popular in France at the time in the early 1920s.

The clarinet sonata is the most popular of the three, and it does have the most distinctive melodies, but Klassik most enjoys the bassoon concerto. All three are good though. Here is the scherzo from the Op. 168 bassoon sonata:

Another very good work, in Klassik's opinion, on the album is the Op. 65 septet for trumpet, strings, and piano. Here's the minuet from that work:

Filling out the rest of the work are many short works. Many of these are worth a listen. For example, here is the Tarentelle for clarinet, flute, and piano, Op. 6:

Here's a link to the full (well, almost, it's missing a couple of 'bonus tracks' featuring short works for cornet and flugelhorn...they're available on YouTube if one searches for them) album on YouTube.
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