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SOLD Vinyl for collection at WAM Show



Super Wammer
Apr 2, 2010
Near Portsmouth
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
Items for sale which can be collected at the WAM show.

All cleaned with Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic cleaner and include new inner sleeves.

I have tried to grade the albums sensibly, highlight any problems and price accordingly.

Ella Fitzgerald Double Albums

Price: £6 each

Covers all in good condition.
All play very well.
#1 Rogers and Hart Songbook – Scratch on Record 1, Side 2 Track 5, plays ok.
#2 The Cole Porter Songbook
#3 The Jerome Kern Jonny Mercer Songbooks

Wishbone Ash – Argus MDKS8006
Price: £5

Cover: Good condition.
Media: Visually good condition but please note the following issue:
Side 1 track 3 plays fine on my Garrard 401 with a tracking weight of 1.4g but on my SP10 with Ortofon SPU tracking weight of 4g it stalls and needs a nudge!
The rest of the album plays fine but priced cheaply due to the above issue.

Ludovico Einaudi – Divinere, Double Album
Price: £12

Cover: Good condition, Original Inner sleeves some damage.
Media: Good condition.

Blancmange Mange Tout AH8554
Price: £6

Cover: Fair condition, no tears or damage, but just looks tired.
Inner lyric cover included. Intact but again looks tired.
Media: Side 2 visible surface marks, still plays fine with a few crackles and pops.

Art Garfunkel – Fate for Breakfast CBS 86082
Price: £3

Cover: Far
Media: Side 2 visible surface mark, still plays fine with a few crackles and pops.

Getz Stan Getz – Double Album, PR20419
Price: £5
Cover: Good, has letter P written on front
Media: Minty clean, plays well

Prefab Sprout Steve McQueen, KWLP3
Price: £4

Cover: Good condition.
Media Good condition: Side 2 some surface scratches which result in a bit of surface noise and a few pops.

Ludovico Einaudi – The Royal Abert Hall Concert , 2 CDs Price £15

Unopened, still sealed.

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