Warning : Bluesound Vault back-up software no longer works due to bug

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Aug 27, 2014
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A couple of days ago I wanted to do some work fixing rips on my Bluesound Vault 2 so that artist credits are correct, 5-disc CDs are correctly listed as five separate discs rather than one disc with five track ones, five track twos etc. etc.

Before I started, I knew that I should back up my Vault onto the 4TB My Passport portable hard drive that I always use for back-ups. So I chose the back-up option only to be told that no drive was connected.

I wondered whether my portable hard drive was faulty so I connected it to my Windows laptop and it couldn't 'see' the drive either, although it could see and read my other My Passport drive, which isn't used for Bluesound Vault back-ups.

I therefore (incorrectly as it turns out) concluded that the drive was faulty and paid £79.99 for a new one from Amazon.

That drive arrived on Saturday and I plugged it into the Vault as soon as I could, only to be told again by the Vault that no USB device was connected.

I then connected the drive to my Windows laptop, which "saw" it as it should.


So I read around a bit and discovered that the Vault requires external hard drives with 'EXT' format. I also learned that Windows File Explorer doesn't 'see' drives with EXT format, which is probably why my laptop couldn't see the back-up drive. I further guessed that the Vault automatically reformats a hard drive to EXT format prior to use. Finally, I wondered whether or not Bluesound had made some software changes that required me to reformat my new portable hard drive before connecting it to the Vault.

To confirm my suspicions, I emailed Bluesound on Saturday and, unusually for Bluesound, received a response the next day (on a Sunday).

Bluesound told me that their back-up software has stopped working properly with their current BluOS software release, 3.18.7. They told me how to back the Vault up over the LAN, which is always a pain, but they didn't indicate when a fix would be issued.

I replied, suggesting that they could either roll back the release to fix the problem, or put out a small patch wherein the back-up menu option displays a warning message that it isn't working right now. I'm not sure whether they'll take up either suggestion but they should, if only to prevent others from buying expensive new storage that they don't actually need.

So, in summary, if you encounter a problem trying to back up your Vault, it isn't you and neither do you need to buy a new USB drive.

To say that I'm annoyed with Bluesound is an understatement, and I expect that the only compensation that I will get is an apology.

I'm also pee'd off that I'll now need to drag my Vault and my laptop onto the first floor landing so that I can plug them into the router and get a reliable connection and a useful data transfer rate for a back-up.

Not happy!


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Apr 27, 2016
Suffolk, UK
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Yes the last update has caused many issues, one is with NAS drives which seems to be because of a security change. The other issue is with Qobuz and Apple devices. Seems there is a fix for Qobuz but need to wait for Apple update. Not sure about the NAS issue. The problem with Bluesound support is there are several different threads going on and only a few of these are answered. At least there is support and they are aware and working to sort the issues out. If my issue is not fixed I may buy a different streamer.
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