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Wilson Audio Loke Subwoofer Now On Demo and Packing a Punch!

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Sep 24, 2012
Millow, Beds
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Hi All,

I know I keep banging on that a sub is a fundamental part of any HiFi but I have never had the pleasure of trying a Wilson Audio subwoofer until last week when our demo Loke Sub arrived, this is Wilson's smallest sub to date and to be honest it really is intended to be used with their TuneTot's, Sabrina's, Yvette's and Sasha DAW's but I couldn't resist pairing it up with our demo Alexx V's and I have to say it is a brilliant match and really enhances what the Alexx V can do.

I still think that there is a misconception with subs for 2 channel but I've been to a couple of Gary Numan gigs lately and when you listen to live music it is the bass that really does drive the music along and it is the same with HiFi, with any passive speaker it just can't do what an active sub can do, being that it has its own amplifier it gives a tighter and more powerful bass that the speaker just can't do, it's not the speakers fault but when you pair them correctly you really can take your speakers and music enjoyment to a whole new level, for me it is the best pound for pound upgrade you can do to your HiFi.

In all honesty my main experience with subs for 2 channel has been with REL, these are brilliant and work a treat with all speakers, until recently I had been running one of their Reference G1 MKII's with our Alexx V's so I was really keen to see how one of Wilson's own subs would partner up and could it really be worth twice the price of the REL.

So to sum it up, it is all about integration, you can tune the REL's in and it is very seamless but there really is a 100% match with the Loke and our Alexx V's, I can probably fine tune it a tad more but as it is now you really just hear one pair of speakers but with a more solid and weighty bottom end which really helps free up the mid and sweeten the top end, it really isn't just about the bass.

I am so used to the way REL's bass sounds which is really full and deep, I run 2 x REL 212's at home and love them but the Loke is a very different type of bass, tighter, punchier, faster a tad maybe but for me it is the way that it seamlessly marry's up with our Alexx V's that is impressive, I guess a lot of people would think when spending £150K on a pair of speakers that you shouldn't need a sub but that really is missing the point as you don't need a sub but it really does help get the best from your speakers once one is added.

My appreciation of what a sub can add was when I was lucky enough to go to Dave Wilson's house to hear the Wilson Wamm's and they had a sub partnered up with each speaker that made me realise that if the Wamm benefitted from underpinning from a sub then surely any speaker will.

No the only thing better than adding one sub is to run a pair, one for each speaker, as I do at home, and I have to say that I really can see me adding another Loke to our reference system before too long.

Please find a link to Wilson on our website and some pictures below, if you'd like to come in for a demo please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment, it is the easiest demo we do as it really doesn't take 5 minutes to hear the benefit that the Loke brings.



https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/wilson-audio/ IMG_7801.JPG IMG_7802.JPG IMG_7807.JPG IMG_7822.JPG IMG_7823.JPG IMG_7824.JPG IMG_7825.JPG IMG_7972.JPG IMG_7975.JPG IMG_7977.JPG

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