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Best show yet?

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My third year exhibiting and for me the best year yet. It was great fun chatting to everyone who popped into my room for a listen. Big thanks to Darren, Lee and Cameron for lugging my H2's and associated gear into and out of the room :notworthy:. Thanks also to Edun for bringing me a bottle of wine over from France :^...great to catch up with you again.

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Vlad I think you're being overly critical, Ben visited your room and said it was one of the most impressive rooms he went in. He's got good ears and has expensive tastes so it's high praise (his normal response is "its alright" which translates to very good)....

Would agree with that. One of the best sounding rooms in the show.

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Thanks to all the organisers, to Mark for the brilliant raffle, Bob for the badges and Scalford Hall for the Doom Bar beer on draught.

Lots of great sounds and friendly faces again. Always one of the highlights of my year.

Yes, the Doom Bar was rather good :-)

Thanks to all who visited my room, I wasn't 100% happy with the sound but it was fun to compare DSD and PCM. The Raspberry Pi streaming system worked perfectly throughout.


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Outstanding efforts by old and new exhibitors this year. I think it's great that we have a steady stream of fresh blood who are willing to have a pop at the show. It's taking a risk carting their pride and joy to Scalford for wammers and random members of the public to prod, poke and ultimately judge.

Kudos to the brave pioneers who have now turned it into a Fri/Sat/Sunday three day event :D Top Wamming!

I honestly enjoyed every single room I went in from the surprising Phantoms to the crazy Quads on the top floor. Harv was making some excellent sounds in Cottesmore - a very large and difficult room to drive.

Naturally, I enjoyed all the horn systems. Having heard Jim's system many times he would probably agree it was sounding even better in that room than it does at home. I know he was being hyper-critical about the slightly fruity mid-bass but it took nothing away from the effortless scale that system produces. One of the nicest hi-fis I have ever heard.

I think Dave's Finos are a triumph of packaging, and will hopefully introduce horns to more people who feel like they might struggle for space at home.

Both H2 systems sounded great and I imagine there'll be many Wammers scouring the second-hand listings trying to find some for themselves.

Steelhull's Grimm speakers were outstanding. I'd heard these at Munich in a far bigger room - there they sounded nice if not earth-shatteringly good, and they were being fed some of the most tedious music imaginable. At Scalford, in one the extremely difficult small bedroom they were stunningly coherent and controlled with great imaging whilst playing a high levels. This is not easy to achieve. Thanks for bringing those, Mike, as they will probably get a very limited UK audience.

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Super Wammer

Well after a nights sleep, feeling much better!

Thanks to everyone that organised it and exhibited, its such a great event and a LOT of work!

I would like to say thanks to Graeme and Phil for room sitting so I could have a wander, and Henry for the Tannoys and Rick for taking the Regas up north :^

The room was not too bad, the Rega R9s worked better than I expected but still some bass issues, not as good as I would like. Lots of people asking if the R9s were active and the Bryston was a Pre, I think thats a compliment :P

It was good to chat cameras with everyone on Saturday night, having a bit of a Pentax Love In! :D

On my walk round I only really had a whistle stop tour, but some of the standout rooms:

BobC - Those 104/2 have excellent dynamics, sounded better than I got them to sound bass wise. Impressed! Lots of TT P0rn as well! :love:

Edd9000 - One of the best horn based systems I have heard, relaxed and un-forced. Just lovely. (great to chat cameras on Saturday too!)

Gromit - Lovely little system as usual, weather its the Royds or QAcoustics always a pleasure.

Brumjam & BanditPilot - Both those H2s are something special, really nice even at low volumes.

Quite a few rooms I was not able to get into :(

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Going by the number of Paracetamol consumed, this has to be up there with the best.

Every show is very different, so I'd be reluctant to name a winner.

Thanks to approx 30 Wammers for coming to The Apurba last night.

Excellent curries again, with a few hot surprises.

Hope the Scalford Hall plumbing is 100% this morning.

Killer anecdotes last night and once again, some insane ideas for 2016.

Steve Shipbroker & myself proposed a "dance/techno/disco room" complete with smoke machine, dry ice, mirror ball and lights.

Music would be predominantly Crystal Castles.

This was ratified by a Mod (who will remain nameless)

And I have witnesses.

Another nameless Mod had a suggestion for avoiding the hotel smoke detectors going off, so thats the smoke machine issue sorted.

(nice one Dom)

There's been some posts about Noobs & "old guard", so that got discussed over a Cobra or 2.

The consensus being if you dont come to Scalford and/or bake offs, its hard to "get" what this forum is about.

Yes its about the music & the boxes, but even more, its about the people.

And I guarantee, any 1st timers will be made more than welcome IME.

Wammers are like that.

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As ever, a great show - just gets better year on year.

It needs to be reinforced just how much the show depends on enthusiasts being willing to go to all the trouble of bringing their kit to exhibit and all the toil and personal expense that it involves all for the love of it.

As just a day visitor this year I did manage each and every room.

Vintage gear caught my ear this year - Brumjam's Impulse and Sligolad's ESL 63's sounded especially sweet when I was there.

I defy anyone to find any negative about the Lodgesound room.

I think Beobloke possibly had more Turntables in his room in a previous year, but the calibre of all 4 TT's on view in PMAC's room was simply sensational. Best TT pron at Scalford ever.

The show now has regulars where you know the sound is going to be good - JVS, Russ Abbot, Gromit, and Dean's infectious enthusiasm for music.

One final observation - there was plenty of exotic after market cabling in use - all despite the polarised views and circular arguments on the inevitable 20 page threads that populate all audio forums.

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This was my first year not exhibiting (I've had a room at all the previous shows, except for the very first). It's a very different experience of course, and a real joy to be able to visit a lot more rooms, even if there were still quite a few I didn't manage to get to. It did become very clear that the rooms themselves make a big difference. Just occasionally they helped a system, but mostly the results that people got depended on a good deal of effort on their part and fair slab of luck in the draw. Those results were overwhelmingly good !

I feel bad about posting my favourites because I didn't get to hear everything and I only got to hear some rooms without 'accompaniment' from the folks next door (it's a hotel, so this is unavoidable). So what follows just reflects my good luck in a) getting to a room and b) getting to hear the system in it with enough clarity to make a judgement. Highlights for me, in no particular order, were:

ChelseaDave - this system was really 'in charge' of what it was doing. You could almost forget about it and listen just to the music, which is really what it's all about of course.

Beobloke - after a nightmare start (locked out of the room until almost 10:00 and then subject to intermittent mains failure, I know people who would have just given up and gone home !) Adam put together a rig in the twinkle of an eye which produced a huuuuuge and fabulous sound from two tiny polyhedrons and a caravan fridge :D. And he even let me play my favourite dub reggae track through it ...

Ian - I sat for a while as visitor after visitor came in, looked at the Harbeths, glanced confusedly around the room and then asked "Er, where's the sub ?". I'm sure one or two left still believing that he'd cunningly smuggled in a replica wardrobe with two 15" drivers built into it.

Dave - I have a very soft spot for vintage valves, Wharfedales and instrumentation. So here were a pair of Dovedales driven by a modified ECL86 baby stereogram amp with a 'scope wired in to keep a real-time eye on the clipping level. Heaven. It sounded fantastic too !

Hoopsontoast - Sometimes the secret is knowing what to leave out. A minimal collection of really well-matched components Just Works :^. It was also a joy and no trouble to room-sit while I set about my 1lb of Nelson's finest. By the way, I'm really sorry to anyone who got caught in that absolute flash downpour which burst around 1:30 on Sunday. I swear it coincided exactly with me playing this


There aren't many sound systems which can change the weather, but it seems Rob's Regas can.

Greybeard - special thanks to Colin for letting me try my JR149s out alongside his really lovely LS3/5As and the equally interesting Wilmslow versions (IIRC) which I was lucky enough to find there at the same time. They turned out to be more different than I expected with each of them having distinctive strengths.

MF1000 - Not only did I get to hear Keith and Jane's wonderful set-up on Saturday, but I was introduced to music which went straight onto the wishlist too !

Evolution (Paul and Sam) - Finally, Great Big Thanks to these two lovely people for the super sounds on Saturday night and then for going out of their way, when they were busy, to sell a couple of surplus items that I'd brought with me on spec in the car boot ! Some people are assets to the community they're in. We're lucky to have them.

Looking forward to 2016 already ;-).


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I agree a lovely day although knackered. I wasn't planning to go but due to AndrewEast's very kind offer of a lift and a transaction with Nut I ended up coming along.

I agree the Acapela's sounded great and in fact better than at his place although the new pre and power amps may be part of the reason. Deans(SCIDB) Snell J's and RMSshipbrokers AN J's sounded great with better than most music especially the remix of Fade to Grey.

Next year I really hope to exhibit again for the first time since 2012. God knows what kit I will have though.

I always like Steve's room (I blame him for me buying a pair of AN/J's) , and I know he'll always play my odd choice in music, including that Visage remix and The Normal earlier in the day.

Always really impressed by Jim's room (JVS) which sounded stunning playing Kiss in Blue by Yello and Lodge Sound which was so eminently musical. Thank you to Harv for kicking some bass tunes and I'm always impressed by how the little AE's in Paul and Sam's room make music, an thanks to Paul and Sam for the loan of their demo phono stage.

Oh yes and Keith and Jane's room with the lovely Roksan CD player,

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This was my first time exhibiting. Very enjoyable experience. A big thank you to anyone who helped me carry anything.

I didn't manage to get out of my room on Sunday, but managed to hear a bit of Sligolads room which was sounding great.

Bandit Pilots H2s lived up to the reputation, balanced punchy sound.

MF1000s, while I'm not usually a fan of full range, with the subs and super tweeters the system was sounding sublime.

Orangeart's system shared a lot in common with mine but with a very different approach to the speakers. It sounded very impressive, clean deep bass and pin point imaging.

There was seemingly much amusement at my system going into a Yaris, but it got me home :D.

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A grand day out

Will definitely return and with a more coherent plan for getting around, if thats possible

Enjoyed many of the systems and it was great seeing some kit 'in the flesh' that I'd otherwise never get to see/hear (the reel to reel set up and the quad quads spring to mind)

Like a previous commentator I was somewhat bemused to see huge quantities of astonishingly expensive looking cable!

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A great weekend and a massive thanks to James for the monumental effort. The best show so far? Yes I think so. I managed to visit nearly every room for a change and there were so many gems to choose from. New visitors must have been blown away to be greeted by Chelseadaves system and Jim's room whose system sounded the best I have ever heard. How many shows can you visit with systems of that quality in the first 2 rooms and the quality remained high as you moved around the whole hotel.

It was particularly nice for me to hear the Emille Ara amp I previously owned in Griffis room with the Zingalis :cool: Deans room continues to be the tinniest yet coolest club in the house, its a delight watching everyone when a bit of James Brown is playing and some similar vibes were going on in rmsshipbroker's room. Great stuff guys. Loved RussAbbots room as usual along with pmacs, brumjams, baggawires, Cobbler & dipsticks along with many others.

The Develait Phantoms were also quite extraordinary if not exactly plug and play ;-)

Well done to everyone who exhibited. A fantastic weekend all round. Roll on 2016.

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Another great day out was had. Looking at the number of people in the lounge it didn't appear to be as busy as previous years but trying to get into some of the rooms put paid to that misconception.

Now to detox after all that coffee. That pushing on of the clocks coupled with the drive nearly finished me off. The plus point was driving home whilst it was still light.

Some absoluletly stunning systems and I heard some great music too.

JVS' room was a marvel. When he put the Louis Armstrong on which was possibly a mono recording it had me looking for the speakers at the back of the room. I've never heard a system do that so well, anywhere. That turntable was mesmerising.

Ian's room with those dinky Harbeths sounded great with the Crofts. If Croft did a pre with a remote volume I'd be having a look at these.

Harv got a deservedly big room for his bowel rumbling system. His system always sounds impressive but in the large room it sounded even better.

Jerry's room sounded great until a bit of Chaos Opera seemed to overload his amp.

Occasional Thinkers system sounded just right and very easy on the ears.

Lodgesound had a decent sized room for a change and you could hear his kit working in all its glory.

Steve Rmsshipbroker a real enthusiast who was up for playing anything you cared to throw at him. The room was buzzing, great vibe in there. Both a good analogue and digital sound.

Beautiful sounding and beautiful looking the show guide said of exhibitor BobC! Well I wouldn't go that far but his system sounded quite good.

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This year was my first visit to Scalford. I was very pleased to faces to names. In particular I want to thank Tim (onlyconnect) who helped me sort out a problem with the router I brought with me, allowing me to use my streamer on Sunday. A power problem in one of the rooms on my corridor meant that I had to restart the whole lash-up, but thanks to Tim's careful (and very patient explanations) I was able to get everything running again. Further thanks are due to Barry for giving up important post-Scalford beer/chat time to help me clear out my room and (most importantly) carry my speakers to the car. It'm listening to the Autobahn LP Rick (Bandit Pilot) delivered to Scalford. It is magnificent (cheque and hornets in the mail mate :^). Finally, Harv lent me his trolley to get in and get out, without which I would never have managed to get sorted. Beer owed there!

I wouldn't like to guess how much time and energy went into organising this. I'm really grateful to all concerned for setting the event up. I will go next year, but possibly as a punter/beer drinker/helper. Finally, I heard the very sad news of John's passing on Saturday. Communities need their pillars of support, the 'Wam is very much weakened by his loss.

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