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What is a bake off?

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7 hours ago, alanski said:

OK............. so I'm new to this site, but old to HiFi in general.............and since I'm having a few problems with my set-up, a Bake Off in Leicester/Coventry sounds like a good place to start. How do I find out if there is on in the afore mentioned area?

You're welcome to come over to my place just north of Coventry on Sunday 19th February as I'm having a few people over for the afternoon.

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Hi, welcome. A Bake off is similar in many ways to a smaller version of Scalford. Someone will offer to hold a get together in his/her house. The guests will arrive on the due date with pieces of Hi

I think they used to be called Bake Offs as they consisted of blokes crammed into a small room with large valve amps on all day, making it 'baking' hot. These days the Wam seems to be keeping this na

All cakes sound the same.

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Ask Boris  on Monday.

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13 hours ago, Simon at Grammo said:

only just spotted this. Is the whole thing dead in the water or could it be ready for a comeback?

It's definitely ready for a comeback, the anticipation down here on the South Coast is palpable, as Yoda says just waiting for the go ahead from Boris, whenever that is.

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I'm ready for the sunlit uplands too.

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2 BO's here in the south now listed + 1 in the west country.

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