For Sale - Cinemag CMQEE-3440A SUT (Step up Transformer)

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For sale: a DIY (purchased by me already built) SUT using Cinemag CMQEE-3440A transformers. SOLD

Here's some info from the original advert when i bought it (but please check before purchasing if this is critical):

"This is a MC step-up transformer using the now discontinued Cinemag CMQEE-3440A transformers. The transformers are wax potted in a cast aluminum box for excellent vibration dampening. The SUT features gold-plated RCA jacks, TT grounding post and selector switch to choose between floating or grounded input shields and high or low gain. Low gain is approximately 1:18 with an input impedance of 150 ohms (perfect for DL-103). High gain is approximately 1:35 with an input impedance of 37.5 ohms (perfect for DL-103R). Output impedance is 47K ohms which is a perfect match for most commercially available phono preamplifiers".

Cost me £160 + Postage and Customs, so would ideally like £200 + postage to UK / Europe: SOLD

A lot less expensive than some of the equivalent SUT's available!

Selling as I have now bought an MM / MC Allnic phonostage smiley.gif

Will post photo's later.

Will also have a Dl-103 Esco Nuded paratrace (4 hrs use) that will also be going up for sae very soon.

- - - Updated - - -

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