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For Sale - Croft Micro 25 Pre/Phono

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Croft Micro 25 Pre/Phono

(Single Volume Pot and reduced Gain)

My Croft Micro 25 is for sale (SOLD). Delivery to mainland UK destination, tracked/insured + £22. or I can deliver to Scalford Show this Sunday.




This unit was built by Glen Croft to this slightly non standard specification from new.

It has just one stereo volume pot instead of two mono pots and it's an Alps “Blue” which is better quality than the standard pots. It also has zero gain on the line stage so this overcomes the very sensitive nature of the stock unit, which requires hardly any rotation of the volume pots to go loud. This unit has a much more generous smooth single control. As an example, my Nakamichi 110w power amp has a sensitivity of 1.1Vrms, when playing my CD player through this set up, a quarter turn of the volume on the Croft is a fairly reasonable volume for normal listening, half a turn is VERY loud. This unit is acting more like a valve buffer stage with an ECC82 in the line stage making for a very quite unit, it would make a good match for a sensitive power amp like the Leak Stereo 20 as well.

Fully working and in excellent cosmetic condition, pictures are of the actual amp.

Specification for this unit:

Valve compliment - Phono 2 x ECC83 - Line 1 x ECC82

Frequency Response - Phono 20 Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5 dB - Line 0.1 Hz - 200 kHz -1dB into 100 kΩ

Sensitivity - Phono 3mV rms for 0.5V rms output - Line 0.5V rms for 0.5V rms output (zero gain)

Input Impedance - Phono 47 kΩ - Line 100 kΩ

Output Impedance < 300 Ω

Power Consumption - 16 W

Dimensions - W - 405mm D - 270 mm H – 70mm

Weight - 3 kg

Pictures no worky - Is hot linking allowed here?

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Please could you attach an internal shot?

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Does that have reduced gain purely because the ECC83 has been replaced by an ECC82, or does it have some other modification?

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That's interesting Ken; thanks for the picture.

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I'll take this if it's still available

Glad you got one atlast mate -- enjoy !

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Just for information, I have a Croft pre that I think predates this by a bit (but not long) with an ECC82. I briefly tried an ECC83 and it made some quiet randomly timed static noises (presumably a build up and release of electrons on a plate but I'm no expert.). I emailed Glenn who was very helpful and he informed me it was a custom made low gain version and an ECC83 would not work. It's quite possible this is the same circuit. I'm really pleased with it BTW my favourite pre amp I've owned.

- - - Updated - - -

And it also has a stereo pot but that's probably just a coincidence.

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Yes I believe the circuit was tweaked to suit the ECC82 and zero gain, in theory for the better.

Because the phono stage plays through the line stage this also reduces the total gain on the phono output. The figures I give for sensitivity/output are what Glen told me were correct for this unit.

ALL of the current Croft Pre Amps are available with a single stereo pot, but maybe not the Alps, you just have to order it that way. Most users just buy what the dealers have in stock and that is usually the dual mono pots.

Croft Pre amps reverse phase, if you use the Croft power amp this is not a problem as that also reverses phase, putting it back as it should be.

if you connect one to a power amp which does not reverse phase, remember to swap the leads round at the speakers, + lead to - post and - lead to + post. In theory absolute phase reversal should make no difference, but I have always found that reversed leads, to give correct phase, sounds better and others have noticed the same.

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Yes, it's a nice phono stage in these, I had it hooked up to a DIY Technics/Pro-Ject hybrid deck and a Trans-fi audio linear tracking arm/Goldring 1042 cartridge. This combo was pretty sweet, the last vinyl I played through it before boxing it up, was Black Star which is kind of fitting.

A new era for me starting now, I need to find a pre amp with balanced outputs to feed my active crossover :dunno:

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