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After posting a thread on PFM a few people have asked if I could do the same here so here it is. I'm putting aside a pair of Royd Troubadour speakers in black for members of the Wam to listen to and pass onto other fellow members. Hopefully this should increase exposure and allow people to listen with their own equipment in their own room. Maybe even tempt one or two to part with some cash :)


Google Docs list


  1. I'd suggest a first come first served basis, so they are passed to the next person posting on the thread but happy to let members sort the order out perhaps geographically?
  2. Please also include in the thread your equipment and room size as this is useful for all members.
  3. The person passing them on is responsible for insured postage or hand delivery.
  4. Make sure the packaging is still fit for purpose and the return address label is still visible should the package be undelivered.
  5. Auditions should ideally take a week but no longer than two.
  6. Prior to posting on to the next person please record [with photos] the condition of the speakers.


Once you post your interest on the thread please email me your contact details, Wigwam handle and phone number to so I can keep track and add you to the demo list.


Postage costs vary, the best one I've found is through a third party like Parcel Monkey using Parcel Force 48hr and it comes in at around £25 others using UPS weigh in at £45. Please insure them up to the value of £600 - this is not the complete price of a set but I'm making the assumption that should the worst happen they will be repairable - the reduced insurance cost will also help to keep shipping costs down.

If you want to do your own search then the package is:

72cm x 50cm x 30cm




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Demo pair are currently doing the rounds near Sheffield. Anyone local or within an hour let me know if you are interested in having them next.

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