Uneven volume in amps??

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Thank you all for the comments.

After trying numerous things, I've checked the tubes.

Apart from the 4 Svetlana, there's 4 smaller ones:

1x 12at7eh Electro-harmonics

1x 12au7A Electro-harmonics

2x Mullard M8136 cv4003

The amp requires 2x ecc82 and 2x ecc81, but from what I could find from the internet, the Mullard are ECC82, the 12at7eh is ECC81 and the 12au7a is an ECC82.

If this is correct, it looks like i was using and ECC81 in place of an ECC82.

Could this be the problem?

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Quite possibly depending on the circuit. Can you get a spare ecc81 to try In the right location?

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Just wanted to update all the kind members on the current status, and solution, of this matter.

The problem was in the tube: there was a 12au7a (ecc82) plugged into a ecc81 socket. After inserting the correct tube (12at7eh, ecc81), the amp started to sound fab. No more unbalancing.

As per the Croft, I'm still investigating but is becoming apparent (thanks to white noises & crackles) that one of the tube is toward the end of its life.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post. I've learned so much from it.

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