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Re-engineering JBL crossovers to turn PA into HIFI !


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There you go, I had not checked the brochure. Some of the JBL horns can be very good, the horn used on the JRX is very popular in econowave diy speakers, its an outstanding waveguide. This one, not so sure. Normally you want to use a horn one size larger than the woofer, a 12" horn works very well with a 10" driver, or a 15" horn works well with a 12" driver. This is because like you say the horn will run low enough so the bass driver doesn't beam. If you get it right you can crossover as the driver hits 90 degrees.

The limited dispersion, Is exactly what I wanted. If you toe them in 45 degrees, you get very even coverage over the listening area, and you limit reflections as the walls are outside of the beam width. And since they behave very well off axis, any reflected sound has the same sonic signature, all benefits.

Similar can work for hifi, It is after all essentially what my setup is, or speakers like the Geddes, horns.pl line etc. As to whether this pair would be any use I would need to see more graphs.

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The crossover is second order for both LF and HF. I would leave the inductor as it is (it will have a resistance that has probably been accounted for), but you could see if you could get a decent 14uF cap if you can find the value. A decent one might not need the 0.01uF bypass, but you could get something anyway. Don't spend much here.

You could replace the lamp network with a single resistor, just measure and replace. And again replace the 3uF and its bypass if you like, and leave the inductor. The HF is probably more sensitive to improvement in components.

Changing the values will change the crossover points. Sure you can make it more 'airy', but that is just more output in the crossover region, and will measure poorly and get annoying soon.

Best results will come by using a couple of t-amps and a computer set up as a digital crossover - just get an old 5.1 or 7.1 soundcard and use J River. Then you can experiment with different crossover points and slopes, and levels of HF vs LF. You'll be surprised how much 'character' is actually just differing frequency response.

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