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For Sale: TQ Iridium Listen Headphone / Preamp


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Outstanding Headphone Amplifier / Preamp designed by Colin Wonfor. Transparent and refined. Very rare - only 12 made!

Can drive two pairs of headphones at the same time and functions as a preamp too. Automatically selects input which is nifty. This is the higher gain HE version and the volume pot has been upgraded to an ALPS Black. Originally retailed for over £1200.

Bought from Dan on here about a month ago but need to raise funds again due to a sudden change in employment status!

Looking for £380 inc. RMSD



p.s. having trouble with images but you can see the amp here on the Ebay listing




Two 1/4" headphone Jack outputs. With either output able to drive loading from 8 ohms, to 64 ohms simultaneously.

- Headphone output driven by single ended class A power amplifier stages

- Thyristor memory controlled & automatically selected inputs controlled with a fifth isolated regulated power supply to further reduce the interface and noise floor.

- Hum rejection technology.
- Quad regulated power supplies.

- Input loading impedance 47 ohms for all inputs (so will take pretty much any input)

- Three RCA phono stereo inputs and one MP3 input via 3.5mm socket. 


HE Version                                  L Version

32Ω 1.6WRMS                            32Ω 140mWRMS

51Ω 1WRMS                               51Ω 100mWRMS

64Ω 1.3WRMS                            64Ω 200mWRMS

300Ω 500mWRMS                     300Ω 500mWRMS

Physical specifications:

- Size: 170mm X 185mm X 55mm
- Weight: 1.95kg
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