SALE Gamut L3 Speakers. TRADED IN/GONE

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Selling my Gamut L3 speakers. Very highly regarded & rare on the secondhand market. The best standmounts Ive heard. They need plenty of power to sound at their best. Speakers are finished in high gloss Rosewood.
Only selling as these are too large for my new listening room, 10 x 10. 
Included in sale are a pair of new Aurum Cantus V3 speaker stands-£399.
Looking for £2500 ovno
Will also consider swaps for front ported speakers
Can be contacted on 00353 860682237

Some reviews ... i-monitor/

Pics of actual Speakers can be found here ... s/11056254



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Fair enough. but at £5450 new, these are priced sensibly I would of thought. Also including a practically brand new pair of stands that were £400 only bought a few months back.if theres a better, more refined standmount to be had up to £3500 second hand I dont know of it. 50% of the rrp  would be £2725. With the Stands included Im a good bit away from that figure. Plus i have to replace these with something of likewise quality. But if there too expensive for you, no probs, I wont sell them for too much less.



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On 24 August 2016 at 17:25, loic.perron said:

Hi Paul,

I'm interested, but £2500 (2950€) is too expensive for me.


I'd like to buy a La Ferrari, but that's too expensive for me! Must message Ferrari and tell them!! 9_9

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