SOLD Bottlehead Foreplay III PRE (in need of TLC)

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I need to clear some space in my listening room so have decided to part with this Preamplifier as it has been sitting unused for some time now.  First off please be aware that this is a 120v unit as when these kits were first produced they only had US standard transformers.  This is a classic Bottlehead kit, not in this instance built by me, but by RobsterD (a regular here with some spectacular builds in the DIY section) the only thing I’ve done to the kit since his build was change the base for an Alder one to match my other items and add a Bottlehead badge..  It uses 2 x ECC82/12AU7's and 1 x OD3, has three inputs, two outputs and utilises dual stepped attenuators for volume control - and it these that need the TLC as they are a bit temperamental occasional loosing contact so requiring a bit of a wiggle.  I did just intend to replace both these with a single Alps Stereo pot, but in all reality I have two other Pre’s so still don’t think it will really get any use.  I asked on the Bottlehead forum and the designer of the pre stated that a 10k pot would be what he would use as a substitute.














Due to the problems with the volume controls I’m asking only £95 +£10 delivery for this rather wonderful sounding Pre.  I’ll supply it with some rather nice used GEC 6189 (12AU7WA’s) and couple of NOS OD3’s these have been tested and are all in very good fettle, Also it comes with the original build manual on CD-Rom pdf file.  If you require a step-down I can also supply one for an extra £10.  I’m based in Plymouth, Devon and you are more than welcome to come and listen to & collect.

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Sold to szczemirek STP

Obviously too cheap :D


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mods please archive this thread as the transaction is now complete and I believe Mirek is a happy chap :D


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