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This was imported from the US and it's rarely available for sale on the EU side. This particular DAC was born from the incredibly successful community funded Indiegogo campaign and it's exemplary DAC for the price, matching much more expensive designs. Model X is based on fully balanced (dual mono) ESS Sabre 9018 reference platform with high end TCXO clocks and offers fully balanced (headphone too) and single ended feature set. One can use balanced and single ended connections at the same time or separately and headphone amp quality is superb. Additionally 2x coax, AES, optical and USB inputs are in place.

Please note that originally DAC doesn't include IR remote, but I've paired Apple one (per spec) and it's working just fine. DAC itself is very stable and operating without any glitches. LH Labs did have problems with some production units, but this particular sample is problem free.
I don't have the original box with me anymore, but it will be carefully packed and handed over to courier for insured next day delivery service.
For more information and detailed product spec, please follow this link http://marketplace.lhlabs.com/products/pulse-x
Thanks for reading!
£490+ FREE insured next day delivery (collection is possible from TW8)






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