WANTED Small standmount / bookshelf speakers

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After some small standmount speakers

Cheap ideally

Something along the lines of:

Q Acoustic 1020s, 2010s or 2020s

AE Compact 1s

Dali Zensor 1s

Wharfedale 9.1s

Tannoy Mercury F1s 

Looking for whats on the list really, not interested in old-style speakers. Let me know if you have any for sale, £100 budget or less, inc courier (can sort this myself no problems). 


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I have an old pair of ALR Jordan Entry S, but it depends if you need them to be cosmetically perfect.  They have some slight marks on the cabinet, the grills are a bit tatty, one speaker binding post has been replaced with a non matching one, and the plastic moulding that holds the connectors has cracks in the corners where someone has over-tightened them (still secure, though)!  They work perfectly, though, and all the drive units are unmarked.  Best of all, they're really quite small.  Because of the cosmetic issues, I'd let them go for £75 + shipping.  I'll take some photos if you're interested, but entirely understand if you're not :)

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