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Nu-Vista 600 Trade in Promotion

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Afternoon all,

Building on the success of the Nu-Vista 800 - a similar promotion runs against it's little brother.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600  - Trade in any amplifier and get your full money back – up to the maximum value of £1900 off - meaning the Nu-Vista 600 can be yours for £3100.


Here are some example deals:

- Nu-Vista 600 £4995

- Less £1900 for MF M6i

- Cost to change £3095


- Nu-Vista 600 £4995

- Less £1770

- Cost to change £3225

This is a new arrival in store, which effectively replaced the M6500i. The 600 obviously is derived from the 800 - the notable differences are as follows:

- Thinner metal work on the case design

- No light bar underneath teh front panel

- It has a smaller power supply thans the 800.

- 200 watts per chnanel as opposed to 300 watts - also using 4 transistors per channel rather than 8.

The character of the amplifier is very similar to the Nu-Vista 800 but suited for slightly smaller speakers.

All the trade in offers above will run through November and December

For More information about the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 please call us on 01482 223096 or email

Finance Available
We can also offer buy now pay later on the NuVista 600 allowing you to spread or defer your payments over a year.

01482 223096

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