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Luxman PD-171A Turntable Set Up

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The Luxman PD-171A Turntable is the latest addition to our turntable line up. Delivering a bold, fluid and refined sound, The PD-171A is a unique addition to our turntable portfolio. Here is an article from Steve at Fanthorpes describing the full setup of the PD-171A…..

First thing that impresses is the careful use of multiple individual layers of packaging, with individual compartments for the separate parts giving excellent protection and also allowing parts to be easily identified on opening the box. The main plinth section is enclosed in a cloth and polythene bags to protect the beautiful wood and metal finishes.

When placing the main plinth section onto my stand I was impressed by the isolated felt bottomed feet, with the two front feet being adjustable to allow me to easily level the turntable for the next setup procedures.

The tonearm usefully comes pre fitted but using the removable headshell allowed me to easily mount the cartridge and fit the cartridge wires correctly. The arm height (VTA) is simple to set as horizontal prior to listening tests using the side mounted allen bolt, allen keys are supplied in the box. Also the cueing platform is adjustable for height using an allen bolt.

The high level of engineering quality was evident straight away when opening the box with very high quality surface finish on all parts, as I mounted the platter and motor cover plate this care of manufacture and build quality was nice to see and made accurate adjustments very easy.

The 5kg platter was simple to fit and did not require a lot of handling due to the cleverly supplied screw in keys which fit temporarily to the platter to lift it into place, no fingermarks left on the platter edge.


The concave motor pulley ensures correct position of the belt as the unit is running, this is a single diameter the speed changed by simple use of the front top surface mounted 33 and 45rpm selection buttons, additionally there is a variable pitch control which is lovely and precise and enabled me to accurately set the speed.

Setting the tracking force was very easy to do using the screw on counterweight due to its fine, well turned thread on the stub axle. I am using the Roksan digital stylus force gauge for quick and accurate setting, here being set to 2.5g for our demonstration Ortofon Cadenza Red moving coil cartridge.


Cartridge alignment being set using the easy to use AVID universal protractor.

As a conclusion this turntable was a pleasure to assemble and adjust due to the exemplary manufacturing quality of all parts and the precision of all adjustment controls. The well protected and clever packaging made sure all parts were straight to hand as needed and assembly was simple especially due to the platter keys and the removable tonearm headshell. This turntable will provide any owner with a real pride of ownership combining both a traditional attractive design and superb finish to both wood and metal surface. Retailing at £4995 the PD-171A is a must listen for people considering a new deck at this price point.


For more information about the Luxman PD-171A Turntable call us on 01482 223096 or email

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