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Garrard 401 plinth question


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I'm formulating a plan for a layered plywood plinth for a 401 I've recently purchased.

What is the best glue to glue the layers together with?

Any advice on layered plinths appreciated.

I plan on veneering it, so any advice there is appreciated too as I've never done anything like this before.


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57 minutes ago, freefallrob said:

Marks your man for this I reckon mate. 

Nah, surely Bob C

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throw it away and buy a 1210......

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I built a birch ply plinth for a Lenco. PVA glue did a great job of holding the pieces together. Wood is fairly forgiving so it's a good choice for beginner DIY (I went on to build a couple of plinths in slate, which was a lot more work!). Take your time with the cutouts as the ply can splinter if you cut too quickly. Birch ply is also pretty hard, so sanding out imperfections can take time - best to measure properly!

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Here's my advise...

Good quality wood glue is a must (titebond or gorilla),

Always use clamps whist the glue goes off to guarantee a solid bond with no air pockets. Spread the glue with a stick or brush so it covers the entire piece and is not just in big blobs. Clean off overspill whilst wet with a wet rag then when dry use a sharp chisel.

veneer can be applied in a number of ways including cold press, vacuum press and contact adhesive. Vacuum with pva glue is my preferred approach as it guarantees a even pressure but the kits are expensive. Cold pressing would needs some research as to apply even pressure the clamp arms need to be convex. Alpha thixofix contact adhesive would be my recommendation if you choose contact adhesive as it's very easy to apply allowing a bit off wiggle room. If using contact adhesive Ideally your veneer would be paperbacked rather than raw veneer for this process.

Last challenge would be to use a  ball bearing trimming bit installed in a router to clean up the edges and cut outs.

hope this all helps?

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