SALE Clearer Audio Silver-line Power Cables

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I've upgraded my mains conditioner to one with Schuko sockets so I'm selling my UK mains cables (and old conditioner in a separate post).

All cables have been purchased new from Clearer Audio and are fitted with the Furutech FI-UK Mains Plug. The cables are fitted with either 13A or 5A high-quality Bussmann fuses. I can switch the fuse between 5A and 13A if required as I have spares supplied by Clearer Audio. 13A will be fine and provide the best sound quality for equipment with a built-in fuse. Check the manual or have a look near the IEC socket as this is where the built-in fuse normally is. If in doubt use the same fuse rating as the supplied mains cable.

I have eight Clearer Audio cables in total for sale.  These are:

4 x 1m Silver-line Power Cable with Wattgate 320i IEC termination 13A- £125 each (£215 new each)

1 x 1m Silver-line Power Cable with Furutech FI-11 Cu IEC 13A - £130 (£225 new)

1 x 0.35m Silver-line Optimus Power Cable with Furutech FI-11 Cu IEC 13A- £150 (£554 new but I paid £220 in a clearance sale)
If used on a rack above a mains conditioner, the distance between the middle of the UK socket and IEC socket should be 25cm or less vertically.

2 x 1.5m Silver-line Power Cable with Furutech FI-15 Plus Gold IEC 5A - £180 each (£309 new each)

All cables are in excellent condition. The cables came in bubble-wrap and without a box / instructions. I think I only have the bubble-wrap bags for the last three cables.

I am rajabr on eBay. You can check my feedback here

Please PM if you have any questions.

Best wishes


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