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Call us on 01642267012 or contact us on here if anything takes your fancy.


Abrahamsen V2.0, excellent boxed       used    779
Aesthetix Atlas stereo power, superb and mint    x/d    4899
Akai AM2450 retro Integrated            used    149
Arcam A19 Integrated amplifier, excellent boxed    used    429
Arcam AV9 Pre/Processor, factory service, boxed    used    339
Art Audio Jota 520b, excellent REDUCED        used    3499
Audia Flight Pre and Flight 50 Class A power     x/d    3749
Audio Research Ref 610 Monos,  boxed REDUCED    used    12799
Audio Research LS17se, near mint £4.5k new    x/d    2399
BAT VK50se Preamplifier, factory service 2016    used    2399
Bel Canto Pre6 multi channel preamp, boxed    used    999
Bel Canto Pre6 multi channel Power amp, boxed    used    1999
Boulder 1010/1060 Pre/Power, near mint boxed    used    10949
Chord Electronics Mezzo 140 Power, mint        x/d    2199
Croft Supermicro Preamplifier            used    349
Cyrus Pre XPD Preamplifier, black, excellent    used    649
Cyrus 8 XPD integrated silver, excellent    used    649
Devialet 400 combo, mint boxed one owner    used    6249
Devialet 120, mint boxed, our demo unit        x/d    2699
Devialet 250, mint boxed, our demo unit        x/d    7249
Esoteric C03/A03, pre/power ex demo boxed    used    8499
Gato Audio DIA 250, superb            used    1849
Heed Obelisk PM Monoblock pair            used    1279
Jeff Rowland 501 Monoblock pair, boxed        used    2949
KR Audio VA320 Antares                used    1879
Krell FPB400cx, excellent boxed            used    3249
Lector VFI 70L, 70watt Hybrid Int, excellent!    used    649
Leema Libra Dac/Preamplifier, nr mint        x/d    3499
Mark Levinson 532H Power amplifier        used    3749
McIntosh MC275 Power Amp, near mint boxed    used    3499
Meridian 501 preamplifier, excellent        used    279
Micromega IA100 integrated, boxed REDUCED    x/d    399
Ming Da MC5S 5 channel Valve Power amp boxed    used    Call
Moon W7RS, excellent                used    4299
Musical Fidelity A308cr Preamplifier        used    779
Musical Fidelity MX preamp and psu        used    379
Musical Fidelity A3.2 Preamplifier        used    479
Musical Fidelity 3.2 Power amplifier        used    479
Musical Fidelity 550K Superchargers VGC, boxed    used    1449
NAD C315bee, excellent                used    99
NAIM NAP155XS, excellent boxed            used    799
NAIM NAC152XS, excellent boxed            used    649
NAIM NAC202, ex demo nr mint            x/d    1249
NAIM NAC82, excellent boxed            used    849
NAIM NAC72k, excellent boxed            used    399
NAIM NAP140, excellent boxed            used    349
NAIM NAP250/2, 2014 model, nr mint boxed    x/d    2499
NAIM Supernait 2, 2014 excellent boxed        used    1999
NAIM NAP250 2002 model Class A serviced 2015    used    1199
NAIM NAP200, 2008 excellent boxed        used    949
Pathos InPol Remix Hi Dac, ex dem,         x/d    1999
Pathos Logos Integrated, excellent,         used    1399
Pathos TT Anniversary, nr mint crated        used    2499
Primare I21, excellent                used    429
Primare Pre32 with MM30 module, boxed        used    1499
Quad QC24 preamplifier, excellent boxed        used    499
Quad Artera Stereo Power amp, nr mint boxed    used    879
Quad 405, excellent condition            used    199
Rega Brio R, excellent boxed            x/d    399
Roksan Caspain M2 Integrated, near mint boxed    x/d    1349
Sugden Masterclass Monoblocks            used    3899
Tandberg TPA3003 Power amplifier, excellent!    used    479
Unison Research Unico Pre, nr mint        x/d    1549
Unison Research Unico DM Power amplifier    x/d    1549
Vincent SAVP200, superb and amazing value    used    749
XTC Pre 1 & Pow 2, Pre/Power combo, excellent    used    749
YBA WM202 Integrated receiver, excellent boxed    used    499


Cambridge Audio D300DAB Tuner, vgc+        used    69
Fostex G16, 16 track Reel to Reel, amazing!    used    Call
Mitsubishi DA-F10, excellent            used    229
Musical Fidelity A3 RDS Tuner, excellent    used    199
NAIM NAT101 & SNAPS, excellent, NAIM service    used    879
Naim UnitiServe, near mint boxed        used    1279
Nakamichi 680zx, vgc                used    449
Pure 702ES DAB/FM Tuner, excellent        used    79
Quad FM3, vgc                    used    139
Quad FM4, vgc, serviced                used    79
Revox PR99, crated, REDUCED            used    729
Revox A77, just serviced, great condition    used    Call
Revox B77, just serviced, great condition    used    Call
Rotel RT850, excellent                used    29
Sony STDB900 DAB/AM/FM Tuner, excellent     used    99
TEAC X1000M, serviced, superb            used    549
Technics RS1500 in flightcase near mint        used    2249


Audio Research LP1 Phono stage nr mint        x/d    999
Audio Research PH6 Phono stage, near mint    x/d    1999
Avid Acutus Ref power supply            x/d    2399
Avid Volvere SP turntable, as new         new    2499
Bakoon EQA11r phonostage, boxed with stand    used    1399
Benz Micro Glider SL, as new            x/d    579
Cambridge Azur 640P, excellent            used    99
Fidelity Research FR64S boxed, excellent    used    1449
Garrard 401, Jelco 750 12" arm new plinth & lid    used    1149
Graham Phantom Supreme 12", SME cut        x/d    3199
Graham Slee Fanfare Gramamp 3            used    169
Linn Akiva cartridge                used    849
Linn Axis with Basik and K9            used    279
Linn LP12, Basik Plus, excellent condition, boxed    used    679
Linn LP12, Cirkus, Ekos, Lingo, Troika, boxed in black    used    2449
Linn LP12 Majik, Keel, Akito 2, Hercules, DV17d3    used    2949
Linn LP12 Majik, Cirkus, Radikal PSU/motor, 9CC, Akiva    used    Call
Linn LP12 Cirkus, Lingo, Ekos, Trampolinn, cherry plinth    used    2449
Lyra Skala, excellent boxed            used    2199
Lyra Argo, excellent boxed            used    479
Michell Hydraulic Reference, Fluid arm        used    879
Nottingham Analogue DAIS, near mint, ex demo    x/d    3899
Origin Live Illustrious Mk2 Tonearm        used    749
Project RPM 10 turntable with arm and platform    x/d    799
Project Debut Carbon, near mint REDUCED        x/d    239
Rega Fono, excellent entry level MM stage    used    109
Rega RP3/Elys 2, white  boxed, just a few months old    used    379
Rega RP6/Exact boxed, near mint            x/d    649
Rega Planar 3, R200                used    299
Rega Planar 3, no arm,                 used    79
Rega P9/RP1000 and PSU (Cherry/Black) excellent    used    1999
SME 3009 excellent boxed            used    329
SME 3009 improved, vgc+                used    199
Sugden Masterclass Phono stage, excellent boxed    used    1199
Technics 1210, standard spec, near mint boxed    used    649
Technics 1210, Timestep PSU etc            used    949
Technics 1210, New bearing, Hynes PSU, Funk platter    used    1449
Thorens TD160b motor unit only            used    79
Thorens TD170 Auto excellent boxed REDUCED    x/d    219
Thorens TD209 turntable package REDUCED    x/d    599
Thorens TD150, 2000 Plinth and 3009, superb    used    579
Transfiguration Temper W, great condition.    used    599
Transfiguration Axia S with VdH retip        used    999
VDH Colibri M/C cart, as new boxed, REDUCED    x/d    2749
VDH Condor M/C cartridge as new boxed, REDUCED    new    1749
Whest Audio 30RDT Phono stage, vgc+        used    1549


Arcam CDS27, nr mint boxed            x/d    479
Arcam CD73, nice player but fair condition    used    169
Audio Analogue Vivace USB DAC,with Pre out    x/d    999
Bel Canto PL1 mutiformat player, good condition boxed    used    1199
Chord QBD76HD, our demo unit, mint boxed    x/d    2999
Chord GEM DAC excellent!            used    229
Consonance CD2.2, new sealed            new    649
Cyrus Stream XP, excellent condition,  boxed    used    749
DCS Puccini and Wordclock in black        used    6399
EAR Acute 3, our demo unit near mint        x/d    Call
M2Tech Young DSD DAC                used    Call
Meridian Sooloos Control 15 and Twinstore NAS    used    1899
Mission daD 5 CD player near mint boxed - a classic!    used    109
Musical Fidelity M1 DAC,  boxed REDUCED        used    179
Musical Fidelity V link Dac, excellent        used    89
NAD C545Bee, excellent boxed            used    149
NAIM UnitiQute 2, excellent boxed        used    849
NAIM N172XS Streamer/Preamp, radio module    x/d    1299
NAIM CD5, excellent condition            used    479
NAIM CD5i, excellent condition            used    479
NAIM CD5x, excellent with remote        used    629
NAIM HDX - SSD, upgradeable, as new        used    2399
Pioneer N-50 Streamer                used    289
Prima Luna Prologue 8, ex dem boxed,         x/d    1099
Project Streambox DS, excellent boxed        x/d    349
Rega Apollo R, excellent boxed            used    379
Rega DAC, excellent rare in satin silver    used    329
Rega Saturn R, our demo unit nr mint        x/d    949
Sansui WLD201 Streamer, sealed box        used    119
Sugden Masterclass PDT4F CD newer version boxed    used    1749
Unison Research Unico CDE, digital in, superb    x/d    1599
Wadia 170 itransport, excellent boxed, remote    used    139
Whest Audio DAP.9                used    279
YBA WM202 CD player excellent boxed        used    399
YBA WD202 USB DAC, excellent boxed        used    449
Yamaha CD-S3000 SACD player nr mint boxed    used    2449


Art Audio Expression Precision Monitor/Subs    used    1949
Aspara Acoustics HL6 in Oak, REDUCED    new    1699
B&W PV1D subwoofer                used    779
B&W 602S3 vgc boxed                used    239
Castle Inversion 15, vgc boxed    used        Due in
Dynaudio Focus 220, excellent boxed        used    1179
Dynaudio Contour 1.8, excellent boxed        used    699
Focal 861w, in excellent condition        used    679
Focal Aria 948, excellent in gloss black    used    1799
Focal Electra 1008, mint boxed            x/d    2249
Focal Electra 1028, mint boxed            x/d    2749
Gallo A'Diva Micros plus 150 Sub    used    379
Gallo Nucleus Reference 3.1 & matching amp    used    1999
Harbeth 30.1 boxed inc Custom Design stands    used    1999
Kef Q100. near mint boxed            used    289
Kudos C20 (later version) excellent in oak    used    1279
Kudos C20 excellent boxed in sycamore        used    1229
Kudos C30 excellent boxed in rosenut        used    1649
Leema Xandia Mk1 in black,            new    1799
Le ConToure Mobile 160, boxed,             used    1299
Magneplanar MG1.7 mint boxed             x/d    1399
Martin Logan Quest, fair, superb sound        used    999
Martin Logan Prodigy, excellent            used    3399
Martin Logan Ethos, near mint boxed        used    3399
Martin Logan Vista, excellent boxed        used    1349
Martin Logan Electromotion, excellent boxed    x/d    1579
Martin Logan Vantage, active bass, REDUCED    used    1949
Martin Logan CLS Anniversary, cherry        used    2949
Monitor Audio Silver 10, gloss black excellent    x/d    979
Monitor Radius range. various ex demo        x/d    Call
NEAT Elite SX, near mint boxed            used    1149
NEAT IOTA, near mint boxed            used    399
PMC FB1i nr mint boxed                used    999
PMC PB1i Signature, nr mint boxed        used    3499
PMC Twenty 22, nr mint boxed            used    1179
Proac D18, excellent boxed            used    999
Proac D20r, excellent boxed, ex dealer demo    x/d    1849
Quad 12L in birds eye maple excellent        used    209
Quad 2905, vgc                    used    1999
Quad ESL57, vgc                    used    599
REL T5 Subwoofer boxed                used    289
Revolver RW45, excellent boxed            used    449
Revolver Music 1, excellent boxed        used    279
Sonus Faber Electa Amator 2, superb         used    1699
Sonus Faber Venere 1.5 with matching stands    x/d    999
Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 vgc+            x/d    1499
Sonus Faber Venere Centre channel excellent    x/d    399
Spendor A6, vgc boxed                used    879
Spendor BC1, near mint boxed            used    Due in
Totem Mite in black, ex dealer demo         x/d    379
Usher Mini Dancer 1, excellent boxed         x/d    1299
Usher S520, excellent boxed             x/d    229
Usher Be20DMD, nr mint boxed            x/d    9999
Usher N Series. Various                x/d    Call
Vandersteen Quattro, accessories, transformers     used    2899
Veritas H3 (Lowthers) gloss black, 100db,    x/d    2399
Wilson Benesch Square Two Mk2, boxed        used    1349


Arcam Solo Mini, remote boxed            used    279
Arcam Solo Mini and Usher S520s            used    279
Devialet 400 & Magneplanar MG3.7i speakers    used    9979
Devialet 200 & Magneplanar MG1.7 speakers    used    5249
Naim Muso nr mint boxed                used    679
Naim UnitiQute 2 with Unitiserve        used    1999
Naim UnitiQute 2 with Usher S520s        used    1149
Naim UnitiQute 24/192                used    829
Naim SuperUniti, nr mint boxed            x/d    2949
Scansonic USB100 Turntable & Active Speakers    new    349


Audeze headphones, most models ex demo        x/d    Call
Elemental Audio speaker stands            x/d    449
Grado headphones many models            x/d    Call
M2Tech Harley headphone amplifier        used    Call
NAIM Flatcap 2X                    used    339
NAIM HiLine, boxed                used    429
NAIM Powerline, boxed                used    339
NAIM Supercap Olive, boxed choice from        used    779
NAIM Supercap 2, vgc+ from 2002            used    1549
NAIM HiCap, Olive with SNAIC            used    379
Oppo HA1 Headphone Amp excellent        used    729
Pathos Aurium Headphone amplifier        used    729
Stax 404/006 system                used    Call
Stax 4070 closed system, excellent RARE!    used    2399
Stax Omega 007 system, excellent boxed        used    2399

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4 hours ago, Carlbkk1 said:

Usher Be20 for £999? Please PM me, I will take them.

I think you may find a 0 missing off the end of the price 

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  • Moderator

Unfortunately for you Carl, but luckily for them, i believe if it is an honest pricing mistake, you can't hold them to it :)

If it isn't, i'll be in the car in five minutes for the trip up North! 

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  • Moderator

The Usher Be20 DMD, the top of its Dancer range, cost £15,750 per pair new. I think it is a typo, if not, I'm nearer than all of you so...


(Last seen running out of house on route to Stockton, ahead of a gang of Wammers).

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  • Moderator

Quick note to add to those very happy with the service from this dealer.

The Musical Fidelity M1DAC is now about four feet away from me. As described (if not better). Excellent communications, very fast delivery.

Perfect transaction and very pleasant to deal with. Many thanks.

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