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SOLD Teddy Pardo TeddyXPS (Naim XPS equivalent)

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Hi, I'm selling my TeddyXPS. This is the Teddy Pardo equivalent of the Naim XPS - an external PSU. I've used this with my CDX2 and NDX. It made a dramatic impact to the sound of the CDX2 - greater clarity and wider dynamic range, the bass that had been missing no longer was. Similar impact on the NDX but to a smaller extent. I'd say a must have for the CDX2 and something to get a little bit more from the NDX.

I bought this in 2010 and it was serviced by Teddy Pardo in January 2016. I bumped into Teddy at a hi-fi show in 2015 and mentioned that my TeddyXPS was making a buzzing sound. He worked out that my TeddyXPS had a transformer from a batch that failed after six months. He replaced the transformer with the current version and also replaced the front panel and feet.

I'm looking for £700. This is less than 60% of the current price on Teddy's website once you allow for VAT on import and shipping. The TeddyXPS also comes with a Burndy cable to connect the XPS to your Naim CD or Network Player.

It's in perfect condition but the box has some oil on it which I'm guessing happened shipping to me.  I've therefore wrapped the TeddyXPS in a plastic bag and also protected the cable and manual. I'll post it in another box so it will look clean to the courier and won't get opened up for any reason.




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