How to connect and stream to a DAC?

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I have acquired a cheap DAC that has had a few good reviews around the forums. It is a Xiang Sheng 01bii. I think Sera used one very similar at Scalford. It has an RCA coax input, a usb input and a optical input. 

I want to experiment with digital streaming and playing files from my wireless hard drive storage but I'm not sure how to connect it all up or control it. I would like it to work wirelessly as hiding wires is not easy in my room.  How can I connect it to Spotify type Internet streaming, and my wireless hard drive and control from iPad?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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These are very good! Its a coax to your DAC. I have tried various units and its one for the best Ive tried. It has very little noise and its even better than some of the 'wired' alternatives Ive tried.

You need some sort of device to stream it from though, pc, ipad, phone, etc theyll take from your wireless hard drive then bluetooth it to this unit to the DAC


Yamaha YBA11 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver

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