Peachtree Nova 300 - rip-off Britain (not!)

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Peachtree Audio Nova 300 is £2195 at Audiologica

We often hear about "rip of Britain" and the high prices of goods in the UK compared to the USA. Our Peachtree Audio Nova 300 is priced at £2195 GBP compared to $2499 USD (£1850 GBP at todays exchange rate) - by the time we add on VAT and import duties (20% and 3.5%) that's around £100 cheaper than a USA import!


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It's probably down to the difference in tax rates each country puts on products. 

Years ago I used to drink a cider called Merrydown. It was made less than 10 miles from where I live, yet it was cheaper to buy 250 miles away in Oldham than it was down here. Now that was properly annoying!

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