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Anyone know the Ground Sound DCN28 Digital Crossover/DSP

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Does anyone have experience with the Ground Sound DCN28 Digital Crossover.

I am looking for a DSP for a 4 way active speaker build and this Danish product looks very well made although it does carry a hefty price tag (£3,750). This is comparable to the Linn Exaktbox pricing but doesnt require an additional streamer as it takes USB input from PC directly and feels less tied in than the Linn route.  It has its own X-over software and room correction but I have no idea how the software compares to Exakt or Minidsp.

Appreciate any comments.  


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It is just parametric IIR crossovers so comparable with the basic minidsp models.  At that price point I would hope the components and dac implementation are better quality than the minidsp but I wouldn't expect any IIR based dac / crossover to be better than an option with FIR via Linn, DEQX, Dirac or DRC.  The benefits of FIR will be greater than any improvement in Dac/components on the model being discussed.

One thing in its favor, it seems to have more biquads than the minidsp units that I've experienced so compared to the $205 2x4HD for example, it would probably be able to achieve slightly better results on drive units that need lots of correction.

I can not understate how much improvement I'm experiencing from a linear phase system with linear phase crossovers.  My strong recommendation would be to implement FIR if you're not going with the Linn exakt crossovers, which would be my recommendation as the leading option out there. 

I got my Akurate Exakt DSM and Exaktbox-I (DAC, DSP, 8-way linear phase crossover and 8 channel amplifier) for £4500 second hand and the units are like new. I would buy them again and again given the choice.

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Given the price tag and the fact it isn't FIR I would look at other solutions.

I'm currently using Minidsp OpenDRC-DA8 which can achieve a 4-way crossover with both IIR and FIR at 1/10th of the cost of DCN28. Granted at a disadvantage of limited connectivity. There are other solutions. You could use, 2 of 2x4 HD also if you used an optical signal splitter.

At circa £4k it seems you can do so much more and if cost was not an issue Exakt would be my choice.

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