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Super Wammer
2 hours ago, bigfool1956 said:

I personally found your experience interesting.


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Colin is probably less prone to bullsh1t and foo than many. If he heard a difference I'm willing to bet he did. My guess would be something that was wrong is now right, which is good for colin.

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I had a new consumer unit installed earlier this year, due to latest regs I now have every circuit in the house protected by rcd, which is real plus as far a safety goes, also the whole installation was inspected and tested and relevant certification issued. Did I notice any sound difference - can't say I did, I do use an Isotek Titan, so maybe any audible issues were taken care of by that. I can say I am much happier now with the new CU and wiring - it's a work of art compared to the rats nest that was in there before so likelihood of anything untoward happening with the electrical installation is much reduced especially with the age of the house (1860). 

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