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Just now, Nopiano said:

It’s odd that the different veneer affects the grille at all, but I’m sure they know what they’re doing

....Not when you see how tightly they fit. There is literally no leeway. 

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Super Wammer
4 hours ago, whitehart said:


Harry did say he would push to get them sooner.  This whole saga is all a bit strange and has left me a bit bemused.

I just don't understand how a pair of speakers of this stature and price hasn't been made with grills and why the speakers were ever sent out without them... surely the original person who's cancelled order it was, didn't ask for them without grills?!


Painting adds many layers in microns and the ‘already’ tight fit of the grilles would become a problem. I genuinely think Harbeth had not thought about it when the paint options were done.
Other speakers that are painted, don’t have this problem because no other company does grilles like Harbeth 

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