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Installing a magnifying eyepiece on Nikon prosumer bodies

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I've found a magnifying eyepiece to be a great aid for manual lenses, close-up photography, or other situations where precise focusing is vital. The Nikon (round) magnifying eyepiece DK-17M is fantastic for this, but doesn't fit the (square) eyepiece holders of prosumer bodies like the D750 or D7000 series. There are a number of bodges described on the web to fit the round eyepiece into the square holder ;) but they are cumbersome.

I have somewhat accidentally found a very simple way to fit the DK-17M (or any other round eyepiece like the DK-17 or DK-17A) onto my D750. It came about when I ordered a China-made copy of the Nikon DK-22 eyepiece off Ebay. The authentic Nikon DK-22 fits the square D750 holder, but does NOT fit the round DK-17M. However, I found to my surprise that the Chinese copy directly fits the DK-17M to my D750 body. Result - a one-step simple route to this very useful conversion!

Needless to say, I quickly ordered a few more of the Chinese DK-22 copies (about £4 for 3 pieces), and have been able to fit the Nikon "pro" range of round eyepieces and rubber hoods to all my prosumer bodies.

If anyone else is interested - the Ebay UK seller is "Poppins1910" and the shop is "MaryPoppins1910". But please do note that I can't guarantee that any DK-22 copy you buy will fit the DK-17M directly - I was certainly surprised when mine did! It may well have been a one-off.

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