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Probably The Best All Round Music System I'll Ever Hear.

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Marko. Once I would have agreed with you 100%.

Having heard an M77 and IO-J laden SME 20/2a at Definitive with OBX, all hooked up with Kondo KSL cabling ( I forget the power amp but it was equally exotic)nothing came close. My mind was blown - my references reset.

Total cost was in the "horrendous" capacity - circa £100K I would imagine.

The ownership of the IO-J with Audio Note HS9 step up and a glorious SME30/12a, al along with OBX-R changed things. I never did own an M77 (£55k) but had a Lyra 4.2se, widely considered a sonic equal.

I visited the audio show at Tokyo with fellow forumites.

You would not see me swapping the JBL's for the Kondo gear now - despite the outrageous pricing. Jonathan Carr is the Audio sensei in Japan now - Kondo was once.   Indeed I genuinely  cannot think of a piece of Kondo that intrigues me these days.     

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Super Wammer

You’ve owned some truly impressive and expensive kit Michael! 
I always think of listening to music and systems as capturing moments in time, all memorable for different and varying reasons.  The Kondo and AN combo is sounding quite wonderful right now and absolutely superb for the monetary outlay. I have no intention of changing, unless I blindly stumble on an F2a Shindo power amp. 
I hope I’m at the end of the hifi road, famous last words (my lovely wife has never heard that one before). Oh sugar, just remembered - I might be visiting Definitive soon! 

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I feel the same way about Dali Megalines, I heard these at a hi-fi show a good fifteen years ago in Manchester and has to be the best sound I've ever experienced in my lifetime. 

I spent two full days in the demo room with Zouch Audio demonstrating them - simply amazing..!


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