Linn Keilidh Bass driver replacement

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Would replacing a pair of the top drivers (across the 2 speakers) leaving the bottom driver in place on both speakers with say Monacor SP-6/108PRO (8 ohm) Dia:168mm give a decent replacement or would I need to replace all 4 bass/mid drivers?

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Hi Rob, 

I've just joined the forum but might be able to help (and you might be able to assist me!)

I might have a drive unit available if I dismantle my aktiv Keilidhs, which I'm not using. Do you still need one?

If you replace a pair of drivers (you will not need to replace four) they need to match the frequency response and sensitivity of the units you are taking out. If they don't then it won't sound right. Firstly, you'd need to find the spec of the existing units. Linn might be able to help, but may not have retained the data. If they can't help, ask your Linn dealer or ask here. Let me know if you want a driver from me and we'll work something out.

I'm upgrading my Kabers and have changed the 015/3 tweeters for Hiquphone OW1-92, which are amazing. I'm also looking into changing the other drivers.

Can you tell me how to get the plastic front off after removing the tweeter please? This covers the screws on the mid and bass drivers on the Kabers as well as the Keilidhs.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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Super Wammer

All four need to be the same driver.  Ideally the originals.

They're an odd size and there are very few that fit into the cut-outs in the cabinet, never mind with similar characteristics to the originals.

Best to buy the correct drivers or another pair of Keilidhs that have some broken and some working drivers or have very badly battered cabinets.

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