Wanted: small cheap floor-standing speakers

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Internal woofer on the base, should be very good these.

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10 hours ago, JANDL100 said:

Not classic British - but musical Italian.
34 inches tall.

3-way - downfiring woofer arrangement.

Chario Syntar 100T. 

Looks interesting! I will have a google.

I really liked the downward firing bass on a ProAc I heard once...

I think we're going to hold out for a week and see what classic British speakers show up.

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Yes, they have a way of filling the room with sound that is quite surprising for their size.
I suspect that is something to do with the omni-directionality associated with a downfiring woofer.

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I have a pair of Castle Richmond ii from the eighties. No foam grilles. The rubber surround are good because the drivers were replaced with genuine Castle drivers a few years ago. Can't remember exactly when. These are proper Yorkshire Castles in teak all though there are a couple of marks on the cabinets and what looks like a minor watermark on the top of one cabinet. I have the original box and some of the original packing but I would add bubble wrap to make sure they travel safely. Unfortunately, I am near Manchester. I have no idea what a courier might cost you. They weigh 15kg. Yours for £40 plus courier.

I should add, I also have a pair of stands for the Castles. They originally had castors although I took the wheel part off to leave 4 spikes. I have no packing for these but would wrap appropritely and box seperately. £20 plus courier.

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To add the bit about stands.

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