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Acoustic Project String Ensemble - Studio Live

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I have been on most Linn forums since late 90's, but this is my first post on the HiFi WigWam and it is related to a project we have been working on for a while now and are very proud to be able to present to You!

It is a new album, including a previously never released classical piece. The album Studio Live by the Acoustic Project String Ensemble is available on all main download and streaming sites (including Tidal). Beside two well known classical pieces by J S Bach and Grieg the album feature a late Baroque piece by the Croatian composer Luka Sorkočević and last, but not the least a previously never recorded piece by the artistic leader and co-founder of the ensemble Dubravko Palanović. The piece is called Towards The Stars and if you ask me this may be the highlight of the album (depending on your musical preferences of course). The album is recorded having the musicians playing in a way more resembling the live situation, in long takes and with very few post processing edits. The reason for this approach is to maintain the musical flow and coherence more resembling the live experience to give a deeper connection between the performance and the listener. In essence a better musical experience.

There is a documentary style video on Youtube presenting the ensemble: > here <

It is available in Studio Master (24 bit 192 kHz - native recording format) format at:  Rocred Records

The album is available in CD-quality etc on the usual download and streaming sites:  TidalGoogle PlaySpotifyiTunesQobuzDeezer


Happy listening!

Track list:
 #    Title
 1    Luka Sorkočević, Symphony No.3, Allegro
 2    Luka Sorkočević, Symphony No.3, Andante
 3    Luka Sorkočević, Symphony No.3, Presto
 4    Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 1043, Vivace
 5    Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 1043, Largo
 6    Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 1043, Allegro
 7    Edvard Grieg, Holberg Suite, Op.40, Prelude
 8    Edvard Grieg, Holberg Suite, Op.40, Sarabande
 9    Edvard Grieg, Holberg Suite, Op.40, Gavotte & Musette
10    Edvard Grieg, Holberg Suite, Op.40, Air    
11    Edvard Grieg, Holberg Suite, Op.40, Rigaudon
12    Dubravko Palanović, Towards The Stars

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And now the first review: > Pizzicato <


Croatian Acoustic Project String Ensemble delivers agile performances of Bach’s Double Concerto and Grieg’s Holberg Suite. Yet the most interesting parts of this production are the works by two Croatian composers, Luka Sorkocevic’s charming Sinfonia No. 3 and contemporary composer Dubravko Palanovic’s virtuoso piece Towards the Stars.


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Thank you.:^

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We would appreciate any feedback on the production, so please post if you have had a listen. For free on Youtube or ”free” on Tidal. Also do note that there is a > studio master < (24 bit 192 kHz) version available which do have a significant impact on the musical presentation.

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... another fantastic review to be read in the Fanfare Magazine

"There are multiple delights to this disc: a freshness of approach and execution being primary (top drawer recording is another)."

" Stylish and intensely human, this is a wonderful performance, up there with the finest in the catalog (it would make a fine complement to The King’s Consort on Helios or Suzuki on BIS)."

"Available on all main download and streaming sites, including Tidal and Qobuz, this introduces what is obviously a major group."

Available in studio master format on


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