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Electrocompaniet AW220 Monoblock Amplifiers


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In excellent condition and working order with original packaging. Includes Electrocompaniet XLR to RCA interconnect cables to accommodate an unbalanced output Pre Amplifier.

Impressive Deep and Solid Soundstage combining smoothness with 220W power in Monoblock mode.

Stereo Times review - http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/electrocompaniet-aw220-amplifier

£1400 plus cost of postage but inspection and collection from Old Coulsdon preferred. 

EC AW220X.jpg

EC AW220Y.jpg

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If you are into balanced systems these have to be of interest..getting affordable...

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3 hours ago, stevebrown said:


very interested to discuss, are they still available


You might be better off sending Delfox a PM, it seems he is not a very regular visitor here.

I hope you manage to bag these amps they are amazing amplifiers especially when bridged !

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22 hours ago, stevebrown said:

Hi thanks 

I will try that

looking for good amp, amps to drive a pair of floor standing SF Cremonas , they do well with a hint of sweetness so I hoped these might fit the bill

They are not sweet sounding in the conventional sense, in fact they are very neutral but they give the impression of a sweet sound purely due to a lack of distortion,  they preserve transients like no other amplifier allowing an effortless grain free ultra detailed liquid sound.

Electrocompaniet is often paired with SF especially in Italy.

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