DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

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7 minutes ago, tuga said:

I think that we should make more use of the "ignored users" feature instead.

The problem is with that is that the ignored members can still see your post I believe.

1 minute ago, Nopiano said:

I think thread has run its course, especially as there’s now another one with the same comparisons!  

The attempt was to stop a Purite dive again, but sadly its started already.

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I have locked this thread in order to give the more hot-around-the-collar participants time to cool off and reflect on their own behaviour for a change, rather than that of others with whom they may disagree.

Opinion is not a matter of majority vote; neither is disagreeing with someone's opinion an excuse for bleating about perceived moderation bias in not shutting that opinion down, or an excuse for the kind of bullying behaviour seen in some of the recent posts here. Neither is it a good reason to fill the Mods' in-box with reports of the form "I disagree with him, therefore he's a troll".

Play nicely, or you will find that you are not allowed to play with the other children.

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