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FS: Croft Charisma X Preamplifier

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Croft Charisma X Preamplifier with external 1000vA power supply unit

Continuing with my decision to downsize (you'll see my Posselt speakers and Conrad Johnson power amp listed also), very rare and mine from new, used as line level as I no longer have a turntable (it doesn't require phono section tubes to be plugged in to operate). Smoke and pet free environment and includes high quality cotton dust covers.

Very high quality MM Phono stage 
Line stage and power supply regulator 
Seiden selector switch
Eichmann RCA sockets on CD and Main out
Incorporates custom made flat foil silver plated copper 
2 x Claritycap TC-4 200uf 600v caps
SCR Obligato Teflon caps
2mm aluminium Chassis for better heatsink of all the regulators (rather than the 1.5mm of basic versions)
Khozmo Stereo series stepped Attenuator 48 step, (colour blue) 100K serial type with SMD resistors (not vishay)

Valve complement;
All Octal 6SL7's, looking from the front  (left to right);
Phono stage left, Phono stage right, Phono output stage*, Line stage left, Line stage right
(*middle tube can use the 6SN7 or 6SL7) 

Power regulation - 2 x 85A2, 2 x ECC83 (currently genuine pair of new in box NOS Mullard M8137's, approx 50 hours useage)
Current 6SL7's are genuine new in box NOS pair Tung-Sol 6188/6SU7WGT (approx 2 hours useage) 

External 1000vA power supply unit (two 500vA transformers - one for each channel so dual mono chassis and built in DC filter)

Will come with high quality cotton dust covers. I have the shipping boxes for each, but would strongly prefer collection. 

Sell for £3250 - payment via bank transfer.













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Have a bump on me Manny.

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That's one hell of a power supply for a pre-amp. What does it impart on the sound?

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