Recommend me a phono stage

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Well job done and thanks all for your thoughts. After all that I ended up demo’ing the Aria and Cyrus and fell in love with the Aria. 

The Cyrus I thought was more accurate but it lacked emotion whereas the Aria just sounded right. I then asked the store to strap an Ania onto my arm and the Aria/Ania combo totally floored me. Just a really nice presentation of whatever I threw at it and I just got lost in the music.

I am sure that if I traipsed all over the north of England demo’ing everything on my list I may have found something that sounded a bit better but then perhaps it would have been a waste of time. So the Rega May have been a ‘safe’ choice but I’m head over heels with it and in this game that’s all that matters.

I did think about upping the budget but then it’s easy to keep going up ‘just’ another £200 :). In general to maintain marital harmony and to stay on speaking terms with the bank I try and put a limit of £1k per component. Built two nice systems sticking to this now (headphones aside of course). 

@rabski - apologies yes, that would have perhaps been useful but then I doubt many people have much experience of listening exclusively on HE1000 v2’s powered by a Trilogy 931 headphone amp and fed by a one off custom turntable :D 

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I actually love my dual-mono Phonobox DS+ (blows away my old Graham slee with Pre-Preamp/Headamp combo)....BUT.....before I got that, this intrigued me a great deal:


Hand made and receiving rave reviews from folk who have them....

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