Denon DL-102 Mono Cartridge

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Denon DL-102 Mono cartridge.

I imported this wonderful cartridge from Japan Less than 6 months ago.
It was carefully used before I took custody and I have played probably 20 records on it.

I have Miyajima monos and this simply isn’t being used so best it’s enjoyed by someone who wants to experience a true mono cartridge at a modest price.

As I said it isn’t new but has years left on her.

Here is some blurb and specs.
This cartridge is a specially designed cartridge to reproduce superior sound from monaurally recorded records.

The high output mono signal is designed to work with a standard MM moving magnet input.

The DL-102 is a true monophonic output moving coil cartridge designed for monophonic recordings as well as the monophonic playback of stereo recordings. That’s a great feature of the DL102 !! As most mono cartridges can’t play stereo cuts!

It has been used by commercial broadcasting corporations for many years in the past and has been receiving great reviews for its high performance and sound quality.

Type: Moving Coil High Output
Output voltage -48dBu ±2dB (3.0mV) (1KHz 50mm/S horizontal direction) 
Impedance 240ohms ±20% 
Recommended load Resistance 1Kohm or higher 
Frequency Response 50 ~ 10,000 Hz ± 2dB 
Needle configuration 0.017 mm (0.7 mil) R spherical 
Tracking force 3.0 ± 1g 
Cartridge weight 13 gm

The headshell isn’t included but could work something out of you don’t have one spare.

£120  Royal Mail signed for delivered 
No original box but it comes with its stylus guard and will be well packed and boxed.
Which is a bargain as these don’t come up for sale on the forums much.
Really punches above it’s weight and holds it's own up against the expensive Miyajima Monos only giving away a little. 

below are some pics, one of the tip (I tried my best but it’s very difficult with the iphone, but you get the overall jist!)




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Price Edit, reduced to JUST £100 delivered UK 

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