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New headphones day. Love, hate or on the fence? Any experiences? Or not even looking because you're happy with.....

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Enjoying my new B&W PX7 Carbon Editions

Ah well, there's no helping some people! 

Own four pairs and they're all different: Grado SR225, Shure SRH840, Sennheiser HD598 and HD650. Can't tell you the differences as I'm not that articulate but my favourite has to be the HD650... they

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On 31/12/2020 at 00:21, ProJules said:

I have been Mezzing around with some Meze Empyrean’s lately. They are very revealing. 

I almost got a pair of those but ended up getting Focal Stellia, and I then got some ZMF Verite Open as well, which I really like a lot. 

The Meze look great - I love the styling - and I am told they are rather good.

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