FS: Audiospecials Phonolab 1.0 phonostage - Made in Germany

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Selling an Audiospecials Phonolab 1.0 phonostage. It is a 2 box dual mono phonostage, made in Germany. It has both MM and MC inputs via separate circuits. The MM supports 4 gain choices 38db, 42db, 45db and 48db. The MC input supports 4 gains choices 58db, 62db, 65db and 68db (Refer to the images for complete list of loading and gain options). It comes with a very special Recompizer circuit which is similar to various EQ curves but it can do more than that especially while dealing with cartridges which are difficult to tame.

Mine includes both RCA and XLR outputs. The PSU is quite special as it has the ability to support another phonostage module if you want to use 4 tonearms feeding 4 independent phonostages. All in all, a very sophisticated top level design from Germany. 
The features list:

- MM and MC inputs

- gain and input-loading switchable independent for each input.

- unbalanced and transformer-coupled balanced outputs

- `Recompizer´, stepless control means to improve non-optimal recorded discs.

- external Power supply, capable to supply for two Phonolabs at the same

Here are some details:

Comes with original flight case. I will ship worldwide and accept paypal.

Asking GBP 2950

Here are some pics:





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Bump..a terrific phonostage. At least it bettered my superline +  supercap combo.

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