FS: Michell Gorbe/ SME V/ Dynavector XX2 Mk2

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A few years ago I invested heavily in a vinyl playback setup after, like a lot of us, many years away.

Very quickly it became apparent that I wasn't playing it anywhere near as much as I should to justify the outlay, always reverting back to the convenience of Digital, albeit with reduced sound quality.
I've not been listening to vinyl much and frankly...given it's level of playback...the equipment not being used in my setup is a damn shame.
The convenience of Digital has me trapped I guess.

As such - I have decided to downsize my vinyl rig.
A bold move considering what I've invested in it, but honestly for the last few years it's only ever been an occasional listen for me.

I'm not benefiting from this vinyl setup and want to pass it on to someone who will.
So...with regret and some wisdom gained...up for sale is what you see here.
The deck, the arm and the cart like new condition, I've invested heavily in getting the most from my vinyl playback and this deck sounds as good as anyone would likely ever need in 95% of systems.
Would consider selling items separately, but buying as a complete package (and saving over individual prices) will net someone a helluva bargain.
Plus - The deck was designed AROUND the arm, no better match.

OK, first a summary, then detail on each of the 3 items for Sale.

3 Separate Ads:
ITEM 1 - Michell "Gorbe"Turntable with further upgrades[/b]
ITEM 2 - SME V Tonearm
ITEM 3 -Dynavector XX2 Mk2 Moving Coil Cartridge



SME V TONEARM (£5200 retail new)

DYNAVECTOR XX2 MK2 MOVING COIL CARTRIDGE (Low hours, light use (£1295 retail new)
Collection form Glasgow preferred, but can Insured Courier at additional cost if preferred.

Michell Gyrodec SE all Orbe upgrades, HR "never connected" power supply
Bought a far more basic version of this Turntable in 2014 and have over time significantly upgraded it over the standard Gyro SE specification, namely:

_05/2015 - New Motor unit, Springs and Springcovers from Michell Engineering
_03/2016 - Orbe black double spider plinth to improve isolation and Orbe feet to fit double plinth
_06/2016 - Replaced Michell Technoarm with SME V
_06/2016 - Fitted Gerd Pedersen SME Armboard upgrade (Details
_08/2016 - Replaced Gyro platter with Orbe platter and improved clamp.

Deck much loved, with regular checks on setup etc.
Not excessively played either; more Digital for convenience nowadays, the turntable was a luxury I could dip into as and when.
Deck sounds terrific as you'd expect: as good as example as you could hope to get - money and time spent on it, no wear and tear looks like new.

Taken recently to Audio Origami for full service and setup, Jon's done his magic a couple of times to the deck since I've had it.
Setup, new belt, bearing re-lubed with J7's bearing oil kit - Deck, arm and cart all set up the way they should be.

For reference - Prices from New
Gyrodec SE: - £1836
HR Power Supply: - £533
Orbe Platter upgrade kit: - £568
Arboard Upgrade kit: £700

And direct from Michell Engineering:
Orbe double spider plinth: £103
Orbe Feet (different from Gyro) - £80

So from new cost would be: £3820

FOR REFERENCE - Some recent online Ads:
Base Gyrodec SE, Orbe platter and clamp no arm or cart

NO HR Power supply (£533)
NO Orbe twin spider plinth and Orbe feet. (£183)
NO Gerd Pdersen armboard upgrade (£700)

And another:
Base Gyrodec, SME IV arm, Ortofon Cadenza Black Cart

NO Orbe upgrades
NO HR Power supply
NO SME V arm
NO Armboard Upgrade

Last one:

Orbe SE, SME 309 arm, Ortofon 2M Bronze Cart

Exactly the same my Turntable except with Orbe power supply.
Lesser arm (SME 309 vs SME V) and lesser cart (Ortofon 2M Bronze (£244 new) vs my Dynavector XX2 (£1295 new)

Given ALL the above,
The Turntable without the arm or cartridge
I'm selling for £2000 (Cost New £3820)


Some history on the one I'm selling:
I bought this SME V from London Hifi Dealer Lotus HIfi in 2016. It was being sold as a "mint example" with original box and all tools, alignment protractor, templates etc.
The Dealer sold the arm from new to a Customer in 2012, and that same Customer traded it into the same Dealer in late 2015 when he upgraded his Avid turntable. Unfortunately the arms geometry wasn't compatible with his new Deck.
Its a December 2011 build and is the latest iteration of the arm.

And he wasn't wrong in his description, the arm was like new.
Not a scratch, a blemish, damaged paintwork nothing.
Been on the same high end Avid turntable since it was purchased and traded back in to the Dealer it was bought from.

The perfect scenario when buying something like this...?
Recently set up and serviced by Audio Origami, its performance is maximised perfectly for the Michell deck it sits on.

Original Inner and outer boxes, all accessories, tools etc are complete and present.
From the pics you can see the Gerd Pedersen armboard upgrade (clear plastic disk under the arm) and this brought out more of what the arm could show, and is a much better sounding design than the basic Michell armboard coupling setup.
Details HERE:
(Note: This is part of the turntable and as such does not come supplied with the arm if sold separately)

For Reference:
Like Rolex watches, these things hold their value and actually rise in retail price given the demand for them:
Price from new for this sitting down? £5,200

I hope the pics above show the condition of my arm, aside some dust its A+ (Will be gleaming shiny when it's sold :))
No blemishes or scratches to paintwork - perfect.
Only thing I'd mention is the tiny area of the magnesium finish that clips into the tonearm plastic rest bracket has a very slight "shine" to it where it clips in.
This is common to all SME magnesium arms and can't be seen unless your in bright light, really up close and specifically looking for it.
In other words it cant be seen in normal use, just wanted to mention it.

The V's recently been set up and serviced to perform its best on this particular turntable its mounted to, so that's a good thing.

My arm:
Like new, one previous owner (on high end Avid turntable...and traded back to Dealer he bought it from) with full tools, templates, SME paperwork etc.

I'm selling for £2300


Ok, final post of my 3 part Sale Thread.
I wanted a high end moving coil cartridge to maximise the performance of my Michell Turntable and SME V arm.
Selling on all my Vinyl playback kit, so up for sale is my Dynavector XX2 Mk2. (Serial No. 75588)

I never really got into playing vinyl the way I had thought on buying my setup, not played regularly so light hours on it.
I'd say the cartridge has roughly just under 200 hours on it.

Perfect condition, stylus regularly cleaned (dry-no solvents) when in use, the Turntable/Arm/Cart combination has been recently serviced by J7,
Cart and stylus given the A-OK.

In original box with mounting hardware, instruction booklet, Test certificate and Dynavector warranty card.

And mounted on the SME V:

Retail Price for the Cartridge is £1295

Low hours example well maintained and recently given clean bill of health:
I'm selling for £700


£2000 (£3820 new)
£2300 (£5200 new)

£700 (£1295 new)


Thanks for looking.

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Super Wammer

Apart from the obvious - you're nae a real glaswegian if ye cannae keep yer glas o' irn-bru alight - that's hands down the best effort for selling a piece of kit I've ever seen :^

And I get ribbed for the detail in my ads.

Top wamming Gaz; may your Gorb(al?) beauty meet its perfect partner*

*Mine's fae ooter Troon, ye win some 'n' lose some :D

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Thank'ye Sir...
Pretty special bit of kit, so wanted to do it right and get it to someone who would appreciate it

Could have cut it shorter....
"Check the 'nick o' this , pure giein it laldy! :D

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That kit looks incredible. I reckon I would have a hard time keeping that arm dry from the drool!!!!

GLWTS, I am sure it won't take long!!!!

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your turntable is way out of my budget but i wanted to say how impressed i am by your advert and all the info plus the pictures

with your advert you do your turntable justice. goodluck with your sale.

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Super Wammer

Would I be right in assuming that this is "collection only" ?


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Thanks Guys,...It’s a very special bit of kit, wanted to do it justice and make sure it got to the right person.

For obvious reasons, collection is preferred.
Can insured Courier it out though, at additional Insured postage cost, at buyers risk naturally.

Willing to meet half way for petrol cost.

In these situations a “Wam Taxi” can be great, if you know anyone who can pickup from Glasgow and drop it down to you, especially so given it’s a turntable.

Edited by Gazjam

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Lovely turntable set up and a brilliant ad. You should have no problems with anyone asking for's all there. Bet it sounds sublime. Glws

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Forgot to say,
Can travel half way for petrol cost as well...UK Based.

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Stunning looking and sounding bit of kit there.:love:

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Thanks Guys..

Yup, that voice was there last night after sitting down to play a record...then another...then another...

Wont be without a record player...just not THIS one.
And that's the hard bit...

Edited by Gazjam

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I found with the double spider fitted everything tightened up, the noise floor dropped more and overall the deck sounded more “alive”.

What you’d expect I guess with an increased level of isolation.

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Could be interested in the complete package 

Have a as new rega P8 with apheta 2 fitted if you are up for a deal?

Edited by DexterPi

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