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Sold: OPPO HA-1 DAC/Preamp/Balanced Headphone amp


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Time to sell this lovely DAC/Pre-amp/Headphone amp.
In addition to being a 192/24 and DSD 256 capable DAC, it is also a full function analogue pre-amp with balanced inputs and outputs. And it has balanced and single ended headphone outputs, and is an ideal partner for the likes of Sennheiser H600s and 800s.

Digital Inputs - Coax, Optical, AES/EBU and USB, Bluetooth AptX, plus front USB port for phones/tablets
Analog inputs - 1 pair RCA, 1 pair XLR
Outputs - same as above.
All the inputs & outputs are clearly marked on the back panel so can be seen on the photos.
The remote control can switch inputs, control volume and dim or switch off the display which itself has various modes.
All inputs can be individually set to unity gain - e.g. if you want to use it as a standalone DAC with another preamplifier
Specs are here:

I have the manual and all original packaging.
UK RRP was £1200, but they seem to be selling for more than that on ebay now so will post in the UK for £700. I have owned it from new, bought from a UK dealer.

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