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Grado RS2e Opinions?

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I am after another set of open back headphones and have long been intrigued by the Grado line.  I listen to a real mix of music so they need to be a bit of a jack of all trades with clarity and sufficient (not overblown) bass.

Any views on the Grado RS2e from owners?


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I have just bought a pair and love them and already considering a higher range model the PS1000's ha ha.  I listen using a Earmax pro valve headphone amp (with expensive NOS tubes) and the sound is dynamic and detailed.  i listen to rock, metal, electronic music etc - all sound great.  But you will hear what your source is like as they are very revealing.  If you like a smooth laid back sound AKA Sennheiser HD600's which I also have these may be a bit too much on the dynamics side. I find them very balanced and they work well with the Earmax. Check that your headphone amp will work with the Grados too as they are 32 ohm and will most likely need an off board headphone amp.  Also they take a lot of breaking in before they sound as they should and it changes on a daily basis for at least 40 or 50 hrs and maybe even longer. Do try before you buy as people with larger heads find them uncomfortable.  Go try - they may be for you too  

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I was going to get a pair of RS2's  but instead opted for some of the limited edition GH2's instead, similar money and highly recommended, meant to be better bass response that the RS 1&2s. 

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